Student of the Month Spotlight –  
October 2013

Jenny Ng
CPA Exam Sections passed 

Jenny has successfully passed all 4 parts of the CPA Exam! Technically, she's no longer our student, but we felt what she has to say is important for everyone to hear. We hope October's Student of the Month will inspire and encourage you.

Why did you take Roger CPA Review? 
I took Roger CPA Review course because I loved Roger's teaching style. The energy that he brings to the course will keep your attention glued to the course material. I find myself laughing at his jokes but it connects with the materials he is referring, which helps connect the dots. The way he introduces the materials to the students is unique and his suggestions is right on the dot!
How did you hear about our review course? 
What was your favorite aspect of our course? (materials, Roger, etc) 
How has passing the exams affected your personal and professional life? 
Passing all 4 parts of the CPA exam has changed my life in sense of accomplishment. It has taught me discipline, time management, and provided the essential tools to further my development in a professional capacity. Although I am done with the exam, I know that this is only the beginning. As I look back, all the sacrifice and long nights were well worth the effort. It is the greatest thing that I have achieved professionally and academically so far, and I look forward to contributing to the profession. I am in the process of obtaining my license. I have recently submitted my application for certification and am awaiting for my application to be approved.
Anything else you'd like to share?  
Good luck to the newcomers of the CPA exam and those who are currently in the process!
Any words of advice for those studying for the CPA exam? 
You have to be committed and devoted if you plan to take the CPA exam. This involves allocating as much time as you can for studying and this means having to sacrifice your social life and time with family.
Favorite Quote? 
Obstacles are things a person sees when he takes his eyes off his goal. - E. Joseph Cossman