Student of the Month Spotlight –  
May 2019

JP Morgan Chase & Co
CPA Exam Sections passed 
Why did you take Roger CPA Review? 
Initially I had to pay for my course out of pocket so pricing was very important to me. Roger's course had the most value for the price. I was also able to get the course package that wouldn't expire until I passed all of my exams. It was very reassuring to know that I wouldn't have to buy another course package if I didn't pass all of my exams in time.
How did you hear about our review course? 
Sophomore or junior year in college I remember a representative was at my school's career fair. Later on, I searched online and did comparing between Roger and a few others.
What was your favorite aspect of our course? (materials, Roger, etc) 
The lectures were fantastic. Roger is truly gifted in the organization and delivery of his lectures. His high energy and jokes definitely give you a dose of life through the dullness of certain material. Also, the fact that the course is so mobile friendly proved to be super helpful to me. I was able to maximize my study time on my commute to and from work.
How has passing the exams affected your personal and professional life? 
"The big quiz" certainly became a huge part of my life and something I devoted much time to. When I found out that I passed my last exam I immediately felt a huge sense of relief and freedom. Unfortunately, I don't have my experience requirement fulfilled yet. I'm eager to get my experience done to see how earning my CPA will benefit my professional life.
Anything else you'd like to share?  
I was able to pass all 4 exams on the first try and less than a year from graduation. Believe in yourself and you can do it!
Any words of advice for those studying for the CPA exam? 
Use the Study Planner on Roger's website to guide you and keep you on track. I used this religiously and would have been lost without it! I'd also recommend taking the exams in the following order FAR, REG, AUD, BEC. What Roger says is so true, "If you study, you will pass!"
Favorite Quote? 
"The hardest thing in the world to understand is income tax." - Albert Einstein
Graduation Date 
Did you or are you currently attending college in the USA? 
When do you plan to first sit for the CPA Exam? 
College name 
UNIV DE (370)