Student of the Month Spotlight –  
May 2018

Kyle Bydlon
PSA Airlines
CPA Exam Sections passed 
Why did you take Roger CPA Review? 
I decided to take Roger CPA Review because after reading all the positive reviews online, I felt that this course would provide the most value for the price.
How did you hear about our review course? 
I first heard about Roger CPA Review through an internet search.
What was your favorite aspect of our course? (materials, Roger, etc) 
Roger's engaging teaching methods kept me focused during even the driest of lectures. I really enjoyed his clever method of storytelling that helped me recall information on test day. It seemed like every time I worked through a tough simulation on the exam, I could recall a funny moment from the video lecture that helped me remember how to solve the problem.
How has passing the exams affected your personal and professional life? 
I just found out I passed my exams, so I am looking forward to all the free time I will be getting back very shortly! I can't wait to put those three little letters behind my name in just a few short months when I finish up my experience requirement.
Anything else you'd like to share?  
During a video for the BEC section, Roger mentioned an old airline named PSA to help remember the difference between variable vs. absorption costing. Well, PSA still exists! Well, the name at least. The actual airline is different. PSA, now a wholly owned regional for American Airlines, decided to take the name as a tribute to the old Pacific Southwest Airlines. Hearing PSA mentioned in a video was quite a shock, especially because I work there now, but just another indication that Roger CPA Review was the right choice!
Any words of advice for those studying for the CPA exam? 
Have a plan set out for yourself and stick to it! Set a specific time each day that you want to be studying and make sure you follow through. With each passing day you will build momentum until studying becomes a habit! The most important thing is putting in the time.
Favorite Quote? 
If you study, you will pass! -Roger Philipp :)