Student of the Month Spotlight –  
August 2019

Dauby O’Connor & Zaleski, LLC
CPA Exam Sections passed 

Justin Shadday was able to pass the CPA Exam before starting his first day at his firm. See how he did it with SmartPath Predictive Technology.

Why did you take Roger CPA Review? 
I took Roger's course because of the enthusiasm he brings to the lecture material. I also loved how the study software was very user friendly.
How did you hear about our review course? 
I heard about Roger's course through an accounting professor. Shout-out to Dr. Flasher!
What was your favorite aspect of our course? (materials, Roger, etc) 
My favorite aspect of the course was the Smart Path technology and a chronological structure that builds off of previously learned material. I also liked the metrics on the home page that shows you what percentage of the course you have completed. Everyone likes to see 100%!!
How has passing the exams affected your personal and professional life? 
Most importantly, passing all of the CPA exams gave me confidence that I can truly accomplish anything I set my mind to. No feat is impossible. Additionally, knocking out the exams helped me shine on the first day of employment and afforded me the opportunity to fully focus on becoming a better auditor.
Anything else you'd like to share?  
I am forever thankful to both Roger Phillip and Jason Figler (wonderful Roger mentor). These people helped me achieve my goals - that is what life is all about! You can do it!!
Any words of advice for those studying for the CPA exam? 
My advice is to be persistent. It takes discipline to overcome adversity, but the rewards are abundant. Like Roger says, do the multiple choice a minimum of twice. Believe me, I know there are a lot of questions and it takes time, but it will be worth your effort. Repetition will really put you in the position to identify and isolate your weakest areas.
Favorite Quote? 
"You miss 100% of the shots you don't take" - Wayne Gretzky
Graduation Date 
Did you or are you currently attending college in the USA? 
When do you plan to first sit for the CPA Exam? 
What state is your campus located in?