Why Students Pass with Roger CPA Review | The Roger Method

Learning Methodology

Learning Methodology

How do so many Roger CPA Review students conquer the CPA Exam? The key is in our proven eLearning methodology.

Why 88% Pass with The Roger Method™

We’ve mastered the art of helping students make important connections, retain information, and apply what they have learned all with the support of a team dedicated to their success. This methodology includes three fundamental components: Learn, Practice and Support. When integrated together, these components create the perfect trio, providing students with all of the essential elements they need (and more!) to pass the CPA Exam with confidence.


Before diving into any practice questions, it’s important for students to learn the concepts. We’ve therefore gathered some of the strongest minds in CPA Exam instruction to develop our materials, with a focus on helping students establish this foundation. The course is broken down into micro-learning structured lessons (motivating lectures, simplified textbooks and class questions) that focus only on the information needed to pass the CPA Exam. The learning process is furthermore enhanced by purposely incorporated eLearning tools such as adjustable lecture speed, closed-captioning, interactive eTextbooks and online note-taking. These tools, paired with our simplified, yet enjoyable, delivery of the information, keep students engaged in their studies, ultimately learning and retaining more.


As concepts are learned, students apply this knowledge to Multiple Choice Questions and Task-Based Simulations, including AICPA-released questions via their Interactive Practice Questions and CPA Exam Simulator. This is a system designed to exactly mimic the actual computer-based CPA Exam so that students become familiar and comfortable with the tools that will be provided on exam day. Students can customize their practice by testing by chapter, multiple chapters, or even create an exam-like scenario with an unlimited amount of full length exams in the CPA Exam Simulator. Our team of experts provide solutions with full explanations as to why each answer option is correct, or incorrect, so that students are better solidifying the concepts, as opposed to just memorizing answer explanations. Throughout the course, students use the integrated diagnostics to keep track of their strengths and weaknesses in order to focus their review as they approach exam day.


From start to finish, our students are never alone. We have implemented several tools to help lead our students to success every step of the way. The Homework Help Center, for example, is available 24/7, and includes over 17,000 student-submitted questions already answered by expert CPA moderator responses, as well as the ability to seek extra guidance as they progress through their studies. Furthermore, course diagnostics help students keep track of their progress, as well as the customizable Study Planners that layout the entire course, providing students with a clear plan of action. Finally, our Personal Trainer delivers tips, tricks and guidance directly to our students’ inboxes to keep them motivated and encouraged to the finish line.