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CPA Review Course Comparison

CPA Review Course Comparison

Not all review courses are created equal.

Choose the BEST CPA Review Course the First time

The CPA Exam is a huge undertaking, and a review course can make or break your success on Exam Day. When choosing your review course, make sure to ask the right questions and gather all the facts to insure you pass the first time:

  Roger CPA Review Other CPA Review courses
Do they understand how I learn? YES - Our courses and study tools are designed to satisfy auditory, kinesthetic, visual, AND verbal learning styles in order to ensure success for every type of learner. NO – Most review courses do not take into account that everyone learns differently, and only impose one learning style on the student.
Will they help me practice? YES – Our Interactive Practice Question bank contains over 5,000 CPA Exam questions - including those provided by the AICPA - with expert-written solutions including explanations as to why an answer is correct or incorrect. This helps students understand the content, not just memorize answers. Maybe – However, many courses only tell you the correct answer rather than explaining the “why” -- which is a key component of learning. While some courses boast 12,000+ questions, thousands of those are True/False statements that will never be tested on the CPA Exam.
Will it hold my attention? YES – Roger Philipp, CPA, CGMA, is well known for his dynamic, motivating style and helpful mnemonic and memory devices. The micro-lesson format is easy-to-consume and engaging. NO – Boring, monotonous lecturing styles are quite common. When you are reviewing material this important, you don’t want to be drifting off to sleep.
Do they give me what I need? YES – All of our course packages come with our tried-and-true core course materials – everything needed to pass the CPA Exam! Sometimes – Course package options can be presented in a confusing manner that makes it difficult to be sure you have the materials you need to pass.
Do the materials fit together? YES – Lectures, textbooks, and practice questions are fully-integrated for a cohesive, streamlined study experience. NO – Many other review course materials are disjointed and cannot effectively be used as one unified program.
Is it flexible? YES – Our online course allows CPA candidates optimum flexibility to study at a pace that fits their needs and schedule. Additional study tools, such as offline lectures and audio lecture options allow candidates to study when, where, and how they want! NO – Live course schedules are rigid and do not always fit well with your personal schedule. If an online course is offered, lecture viewings may be limited, with little to no on-the-go options.

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jenniferleighratliff's picture
Jennifer Ratliff

Average: 5 (1 vote)

I am very happy I selected to switch from another CPA review course to Roger CPA Review. The energy of the instructor is contagious, which helps with those late night study sessions that need to happen after a 12 hour work day. The short lectures provide enough detail to cover the material but not so much detail it becomes overwhelming or difficult to follow.
January 11th, 2017
d11olson's picture
Danielle Corbell

Average: 5 (1 vote)

This review course has been AMAZING!! I never thought I could get through the CPA Exam, but I have always felt very prepared on exam day. Roger is a great teacher and very engaging. I would recommend this review course over all others. I have been more than impressed by this review course.
January 11th, 2017
benitabmore's picture
Benita Bazemore-Cook

Average: 5 (1 vote)

This is truly a high quality course. I was very hesitant about using an online course but I have been very pleased with the format of the course materials and the delivery of the lectures. Roger is an engaging instructor and I am amazing at the ease with which I am learning and re-learning accounting topics that I have studied several years ago. This product is great for graduates or more seasoned professionals seeking to achieve those mighty three letters. Bonus is the comedic effect of Roger's face when you pause a lecture to take a quick note or review a topic.
January 9th, 2017