Best CPA Review Course for Your Money

Best CPA Review Course for Your Money

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Not all review courses are created equal. With a 91% pass rate, Roger CPA Review has helped over 200,000 students reach their goals.

The CPA Exam is a huge undertaking, and a CPA review course can make or break your success on Exam Day. When choosing your review course, make sure to ask the right questions and gather all the facts to ensure you pass the CPA Exam the first time:

Here’s how Roger CPA Review compares to the competition:
Roger CPA Review Becker Wiley

Superior Value

Everything you need to pass the CPA Exam for $1899, or monthly payments as low as $168.

All-inclusive packages as low as $1899 or $168/month $3393 for basic, 4 part package Least expensive package is $1700 and missing critical support tools

Culture of Innovation

We’re an agile, data-driven business committed to giving our students the best in education science & technology. And, with our patent pending SmartPath™ platform, we are able to provide an optimal learning experience for our students.

Designed for all learning types

Our program was designed to accommodate all learning styles and techniques.

Only the MCQs and TBSs you need to pass the CPA Exam

Quality over quantity is our mantra. Our patent pending SmartPath™ data-driven platform compares your IPQ scores and progress to students who have passed the CPA Exam for a more focused study experience.

Relevant and Dynamic SmartLectures™

With our program, you will create connections to current events, learn catchy mnemonics, and enjoy your study experience.

Student-centric business model

We put our students at the heart of everything we do. We listen and respond to their needs.

Superior Support

We’re the only program to offer you superior individualized student, tech and homework support.

Don’t just listen to us. See what our students are saying.

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Testimonial Highlight

Alisa Khramtsova

Average: 5 (1 vote)

August 22nd, 2017 Best CPA Review Course for Your Money
I would like to thank entire Roger CPA team for helping me go through this period. I passed 4 parts on my first attempt within 9 months at the same time I was self-employed and full time mom. I believe that it was crucial for my success that I picked Roger CPA course over others. I remember that I took demo and realized right away I don't want to stop watching and listening lectures. All the lecture perfectly structures and Roger CPA team worked hard to prepare material that is important to pass the exam. As many others mentioned lectures and material are straight to the point, there is no unnecessary information for general education. Also, Roger CPA Team was always around to assist with any concerns or questions. Once I had a panic attack with REG material and reached out to support and got great response that helped me to keep woking through the material and pass the exam. I would like to recommend Roger CPA course to anyone who wishes to succeed and become a CPA, this product will lead you and help you to achieve your goals. Everyone can do it just keep going!
September 27th, 2019
Saint-Petersburg State Polytechnic University
Migdalia Soto

Average: 5 (1 vote)

August 22nd, 2017 Best CPA Review Course for Your Money
I finally passed all four sections of the CPA Exam. I want to thank Roger and his team for this great CPA Review. Blessings!
September 26th, 2019
University of Puerto Rico-Rio Piedras (PR)
Juan Gomez Munoz

Average: 5 (1 vote)

August 22nd, 2017 Best CPA Review Course for Your Money
Roger has been my best friend over the last 9 months. He shared with me the ups and downs of this journey. The CPA Exam is challenging at any time of your career, and where you work full time, and you are also a full-time caregiver of your parents, you simply need the will to study and the best prep course. Roger is hands down an outstanding teacher, and he keeps you engaged with his teaching style. His energy through the lectures kept me going late in the evening after work, on weekends, holidays, or lunch breaks at work. I also used the audio lectures in the gym, or reviewed the flashcards before taking the exam. The design of the course is consistent with the exam itself, and the depth in the content is sufficient to make you feel confident that you are well prepared. He also walks you through the exam process, which is very helpful. And I loved the encouraging emails I received when I was 25%, 50%, 75%, the day before or after the exam. It meant a lot to me, as if he was there encouraging me. Thank you Roger, I just found out today that I passed my last exam, and I owe my success to you too. I could not have found a better prep course, and I hope future students have the chance to prepare for their CPA Exam with your program.
September 20th, 2019
University of Washington-Seattle Campus (WA)Tri Marine Management Company