SmartPath Predictive Technology™

SmartPath Predictive Technology™


The fastest path to CPA Exam success,
proven with a 91% pass rate!

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How SmartPath Works

SmartPath™ takes the guesswork out of CPA Exam preparation and builds confidence by guiding you on a clear path to success. We'll be by your side, guiding you on the proven path as you progress through the material. Want to know How SmartPath Predictive Technology™ Works? Take a deep dive into the predictive analysis behind SmartPath, and learn how data reveals the path to success to success for Roger CPA Review students.


Tracks your progress to targeted goals

SmartPath™ provides data-supported targets based on the performance of successful CPA Exam candidates. Targets help you easily and quickly gauge your preparedness for exam day so that you can focus your study efforts.

Maximizes your study time by serving you the right questions

While most review courses focus on having the most questions, the data shows that this is not the most effective approach. SmartPath™ mines user data to evaluate WHICH questions and HOW many questions CPA candidates need to pass. The ultimate result is more efficient study sessions, and less wasted time.

Provides a personalized learning experience that adapts to you

We know not one candidate studies the same, which is why SmartPath™ adapts to your individual progress and performance. Using Adaptive Technology, the platform serves you the questions you need to ensure success on the CPA Exam.

SmartPath Case Studies

Take a deep dive into our series of real student case studies, and see how SmartPath is changing the way students learn.


We conducted a series of interviews to study how SmartPath Predictive Technology is affecting our student’s CPA Exam study habits and overall exam performance. In the process, we picked up some great product feedback! But we also came across a plethora of inspiring stories from students who found great success with the new platform. This short video features actual audio clips from actual student interviews.

[Allison] Actually, SmartPath really made a huge difference. It provided me, and it still provides me with real data. It made a huge difference in my, what I call, kinda my study efficiency. I was just able to focus in on the right areas, and focus in on questions.

[Chakele] When I was studying before, well, prior to it, I wasn't really sure what my area of weakness was. It was able to kinda give me a little bit more okay, what this is, within this chapter, you probably need to focus on this a little bit more. If I made over the target, I'm like, okay, I'm just, that means, I understand. I don't have to keep spinning my wheel, so to speak.

[Brian] It just saved time. I can only take so many quizzes in a day before I become completely fried. And, it was nice to take quizzes that were a little shorter, and also helped me with the areas that I'm probably struggling most with. You wanna be very efficient, and maximize how much you study. So, I felt like I was able to go through more quicker, with SmartPath.

SmartPath Pass Rate

Students who use SmartPath Predictive Technology to prepare for the CPA Exam and meet all of the platform’s provided progress and comprehension targets have a 91% pass rate. We calculate this data by matching student’s target proficiency with their self-reported CPA Exam scores. These scores are retrieved by incentivizing students to provide their CPA Exam results to Roger CPA Review on a quarterly basis—in line with the AICPA’s CPA Exam Score Release schedule—with entrance into an Amazon gift card raffle.


Helping Over 125,000 CPA
Candidates Pass the CPA Exam

  • I highly recommend Roger CPA Review's SmartPath™. Being able to track your strengths and weaknesses compared to other successful CPA candidates adds another level of resources that is advantageous to each student.

  • One of the biggest aspects of Roger CPA Review is the SmartPath Technology that has just recently been implemented. It really helped to narrow down the areas that you need to study; not just the general areas but the specifics, like what type of questions I needed to get better at.