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Curriculum Supplements

Curriculum Supplements

Expose your students to CPA Exam content within the university setting to give them a head start on their career goals. Paired with your instruction, our course will show your students how to apply the content they’ve learned within the CPA Exam context.

Bringing CPA Exam Topics to the Classroom

Incorporate one or more of our CPA Exam topic supplements into your curriculum. Your students will enjoy the early access as they gain confidence and mastery of topics taught both in the classroom and on the exam. You will benefit as our curriculum packages help you:

  • Discover a new way to present a commonly explained topic
  • Flip your classroom or create hybrid coursework
  • Teach topics that are difficult to explain or new to your curriculum
  • Nurture early CPA Exam comprehension for your students

Popular Curriculum Packages

Each package is organized to include video lectures, e-textbook excerpts, and thousands of previously-released AICPA questions.

Curriculum Package Corresponding Accounting Class CPA Exam Section Lecture Videos Topics Include
Bonds Intermediate Financial Accounting 1-3 FAR 10 Lectures Elements that make up the valuation of bonds, including present value and amortization
Leases Intermediate Financial Accounting 1-3 FAR 9 Lectures Operating vs. Capital Leases, Requirements for a Capital Lease and Non-Operating Lease
Pensions Intermediate Financial Accounting 1-3 FAR 8 Lectures Calculation of Pension Cost and all of its elements, definitions and examples
Statement of Cash Flows Intermediate Financial Accounting 1-3 FAR 9 Lectures Detailed coverage of the 3 categories of activities that make up a statement of cash flows including both direct and indirect methods
Income Taxes Intermediate Financial Accounting 1-3 FAR 10 Lectures Permanent vs. Temporary Differences and Instruction of differed tax assets and liabilities, including their calculations
Audit Reports Auditing AUD 9 Lectures Includes currently tested material for the CPA Exam for both the AICPA Clarity Project and PCAOB Audits.
Compilations and Review of SSARS Auditing AUD 7 Lectures Corresponding reports and adjustments to reports
Depreciation Tax REG 3 Lectures Depreciation of real property vs. tangible personal property, as well as the Section 179 deduction
Individual Tax Tax REG 18 Lectures 1040, Schedules A-F and AMT
S-Corporations Tax REG 5 Lectures Formation and Operation of S-Corporations
Cost Acctg and Performance Measurement Cost Accounting BEC 8 Lectures Material and Labor Variances as well as Overhead Variance Analysis, Detailed Coverage of Job Order vs. Process Costing
Decision Making Cost Accounting BEC 9 Lectures Cost Definitions, as well as flow of a cost system. Variable and Absorption Costing
IFRS Varies Varies Varies Varies depending on Corresponding Accounting Class

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