I've passed! How do I get certified?

I've passed! How do I get certified?

Passing the CPA Exam is only one of several requirements you must meet to become certified and obtain your license. Make sure you are on track to becoming a CPA in your state or jurisdiction!

Roger Philipp, CPA presents:

As far as the requirements of licensure, and as I said, some states, most states, the requirements to sit are different than the requirements to get certified.

So what does that mean? In some states, to sit you only need 120 semester units, but to get certified you need 150. In other states, you need 150 to sit, 150 to get certified, but you also need some experience, one or two years depending on how many units you've had.

A lot of the states that require 150 semester or 225 quarter will say just one year of experience.

Some states that are, for example, 120 units may require you to have two years of experience, but again, you can check our website, RogerCPAReview.com, for the specific details of your individual states.

In order to get certified, you also have to have that experience under the supervision of an active, licensed CPA. Now a lot of times, we get that question a lot. They go, "Well, what does it take? I need a year of experience, what does it mean?" Usually it means, again, working under the supervision of a licensed, active CPA.

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