Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions


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Roger CPA Review Course – Basics

Tell me the basics – How does my course work?

We film lectures throughout year as information about the accounting industry and CPA Exam evolves, and make them available via streaming feed on our web site so students can watch the classes completely on demand. You may view the classes from any computer you use – work or home. Students also receive access to textbooks in digital and hard-copy format, as well as thousands of practice questions. For a first-hand look, sign up for our free trial here.

How long can I watch the classes?

You will be able to access your classes for 18-24 months, viewing each lecture as many times as you like during that time. One-time extensions are available for purchase on all full, four-part Select Course enrollments. You may choose to add an additional 6 months of access to your Select Course for $100 per section. All extensions must be added before the original 18-month expiration, and can be done so from within your online student account. Your videos will be updated automatically throughout your access so that you have the most current lectures available. Please remember that only students enrolled in all four parts have the extension option! Extensions are included in the Premier and Elite packages free of charge.

How do I watch the course on my mobile device?

To watch lectures on your cellular phone, tablet, or mobile device, you must be a Roger CPA Review student with current access to the lectures from your student account online. Simply use the browser on your device to log into your student account, and the lectures will be formatted to fit your screen for easy viewing! Keep in mind that many times the video is too large to work on 3G or 4G networks, and most students need to be connected to a wireless internet source. Our course is accessible via most mobile systems including Apple and Android products at no extra cost.

What happens if I have a question about concepts or homework from my course?

Students may use our Homework Help Center to ask course questions. Expert CPA Moderators are available for quick, comprehensive, answers and assistance on the most challenging concepts you encounter as you study.

Since Roger Philipp, CPA has been teaching all four parts of the CPA Exam review for over 28 years, he knows what areas students have questions. He has designed his lectures to cover difficult concepts in-depth to preemptively answer student questions. You will find that the majority of your questions will be answered as you continue to watch the lecture.

I just ordered the Course. When do I get it?

As soon as you receive your order confirmation e-mail, you can access your online lectures. Please allow 24-48 business hours to process and ship the study materials that accompany you order. We ship via UPS Ground, which can take between 2-7 business days within the U.S. from our San Francisco, CA office.

For expedited or international shipping, please contact our office for pricing estimates.

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Roger CPA Review Course – Upgrades and Features

I have updated my browser to the current version, but the video will not play?

The most likely cause is that you need the latest version of the Flash Plugin for your browser. Visit Adobe's Test Page to see if the Flash plugin is installed and working properly. If Flash is not installed, install Flash using the instructions available.

If the video still does not work, acts strangely, or causes errors, or if you see a notice that you need to update Flash (e.g., at Mozilla's Plugin Check) even after installing the latest Flash version, uninstall and reinstall Flash.

The Online book is this year's version. What if I am using older materials?

The Online book feature of our Course will always be updated with the most current pages and information to provide our students with the materials they want and need. Keep in mind that the exam content is slow to change, and your hardcopy book materials will contain all of the information necessary to pass. Additionally, we will always include any updated pages as a PDF document for you to print out and supplement your book.

Why can't I copy/paste/print the Online book?

Due to the strict copyright policies on all Roger CPA Review materials, students will not be able to save, copy, paste, or print the book materials from their Online Course.

What's a video bookmark?

A video bookmark is a quick and easy way to mark a point in your Roger lecture that you would like to come back to. You can bookmark an area where you are having difficulty, a point that you want to remember to write down, or a joke that you thought was funny and want to relay to your friends. Make as many or as few as you need!

My course is expired - can I still access my notes/bookmarks/confidence ratings?

You will be given the option in your student account to view and print any notes that you have taken up until one year after your course expires. However, without access to the videos you will not be able to view any bookmarks or confidence ratings.

Where can I go to practice questions?

There are multiple places to practice the concepts you learn in your course lectures. Make sure to watch all the Class Question lectures to walk step-by-step through problems with Roger. As of 2014 we've also included hundreds of Study Questions at the end of each section of your textbook as well as access to over 4,000 Interactive Practice Questions for hours of independent concept reinforcement.

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Roger CPA Review – Interactive Practice Questions

Do these questions cover the same content as the CPA Exam?

Yes! Roger Philipp, CPA, the industry's leading CPA Exam expert, and his experienced editorial team have spent months developing thousands of practice questions and solution explanations that directly integrate with your course and study material. The questions include those previously released from the CPA Exam by the AICPA, and every question is designed to cover subjects matching those found in the CPA Exam.

How do I reference course practice questions when I ask about them in the Homework Help Center?

When referencing course practice questions in the Homework Help Center forums, please copy and paste the entire web URL into the body of your thread post. Anyone logged into their course, including our Moderators, will be able to jump directly to the question you reference by clicking on the URL you include.

How long do I have access to the Interactive Practice Questions?

The Interactive Practice Questions will be available in your account until your lecture access expires. As long as you have lecture access, you never need to purchase additional Interactive Practice Questions or practice question updates.

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Cram Course

What is a cram course?

Our cram course is designed as a condensed version of our full-length course and covers only the most frequently tested topics on the exam. The cram is designed for those students who have already fully prepared for the CPA Exam using a fully length review, and need an extra study boost right before exam day. The entire cram course is 47 hours long.

CRAM Course Full Course FAR 17 hours 41 hours REG 12 hours 28 hours AUD 10 hours 25 hours BEC 8 hours 17 hours

Why is there such a big price difference between the online cram and the Flash Drive Cram?

The Online Cram provides students with access to the CRAM lectures for two months. The Flash Drive Cram grants eight months of access to the CRAM lectures and includes a physical drive for offline viewing of the lectures.

What is the difference between the cram course and the regular course?

The Roger CPA Review regular full-length course is designed to be comprehensive, guided preparations for the CPA Exam and cover every topic tested on exam day. The Cram Course is designed as a quick review of many of the heavily-tested topics on the CPA Exam. The cram courses do not cover every topic tested on the exam, as they are designed as a summary and final “cram” immediately before sitting for the CPA Exam. The Cram Course is a quick review and should NOT be used as a replacement for complete CPA Exam preparation that is offered by our regular course. Contact us and we will be happy to discuss what study format is best for you.

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Offline Lectures and Additional Products

What if I'd like to access my lectures offline because I don't always have internet access when I want to study?

When you enroll in your Roger CPA Review Course you may opt to purchase Offline Lectures in the form of a portable USB external hard drive. These lectures are in addition to your Online Course – with all its helpful study features – and gives you the ability to view your course lectures from your personal computer without the need for internet access beyond the point of installation.

Can I watch the Offline Lectures as many times as I want?

The access time to your Offline Lectures will reflect the time and subject matter you've purchased for your Online Course (either 18 or 24 months).

On how many computers can I install the Offline Lectures?

You may install your Offline Lectures External Hard Drive on TWO computers (we suggest work and home). Please contact our office to request your second installation.

What if something goes wrong with my hard drive installation, or I crash my computer and need to re-install?

Such technical problems are rare, however, should something occur please fill out a support request and we will take care of you.

I just ordered your Online Course with the additional purchase of Offline Lectures. When will I be able to access my offline lectures?

As soon as you receive your order confirmation e-mail, you can access your online lectures. The Offline Lectures, however, come on a physical USB hard drive and must be installed on your computer upon receipt in the mail. Please allow 24-48 business hours to process and ship your order. We ship via UPS Ground, which can take 2-7 business days within the U.S. from our San Francisco, CA office.

For expedited or international shipping, please contact the office for pricing estimates.

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Course Security

I worry about security of my personal information online. How is Roger CPA Review protecting my information?

The new security system is designed to protect the integrity of your student account while eliminating the need for viewing limit resets. With our new security system, you will have unlimited viewings of all lectures included with your course access. With that in mind, our security system notes the following categories to ensure that usage is appropriate and secure:

  • City, State, and Country of use
  • Excessive viewings or logins
  • Concurrent usage

I just received and email warning me that there has been “unusual activity” on my account. What does that mean?

There are a variety of actions that could trigger a flag in a student's account, including technical difficulties or concurrent access to multiple devices. Our main concern is if someone (not you) is attempting to access your account. Students are encouraged to contact us in an effort to both evaluate the reasons for the flag and to discuss helpful techniques to avoid flags in the future.

Are there any steps that I should take to avoid acquiring security flags on my account?

Some helpful tips to avoid flags include logging out of your devices when you are finished using them, limiting the amount of logins/logouts to your student account to the best of your ability, and not logging in to multiple devices at one time.

I am really looking forward to viewing my lectures on my iPad. Is the new security system going to affect my studies?

Our new security system was specifically designed with mobile devices in mind, and our students are free to access their lectures from these devices whenever they like. The important thing to remember is to only log in to your course from one device at a time.

I have been experiencing some technical difficulties with my home computer, and I received a flag on my account. What do I do?

If you receive a flag on your account, please do not hesitate to contact our Customer Care department so that we can address the issue and ensure that your account access is not interrupted. Technical issues on personal computers or mobile devices may occasionally result in flag, and our Customer Care department will work with you to address both the flag and your tech concerns.

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The CPA Exam – Qualifying, Studying, and Passing!

How do I become a CPA?

Visit our CPA Exam page to learn more about the CPA Exam and becoming a CPA.

What do I need to sit for the CPA exam?

Requirements vary by state.

For the most part, states vary between requiring 24 – 27 semester units (or 36 – 40.5 quarter units) of accounting and 24-27 semester units (or 36 – 40.5 quarter units) of business in order to qualify to sit for the exam. These units may be included in your degree, or they may be obtained from any accredited university. They can be upper- or lower- division. Most states have adopted the 150 hour rule which requires you to have 150 total semester hours before applying and included in this total are accounting and business unit requirements. Please view the CPA exam requirements by state page for more information.

I went to a quarter school to get my degree and took my extra accounting and business units at a semester school. So I have some of those units in semester units and some in quarter units. Can I still take the CPA exam?

Yes. You can see above that the California State Board uses this ratio: 1 semester unit = 1.5 quarter unit

Apply the same ratio to your collective units, converting them to either all quarter or all semester.

I took Accounting 301. Do you know if that counts as accounting or business?

Usually, if accounting is in the title it counts towards the accounting unit requirements, but because our students come from a variety of different schools throughout the state and the nation, it is very difficult for us to make this determination based on a class title and number. Please contact the appropriate department office at your campus for more information.

I heard that I will need my diploma to sit for the exam. Is that true? I go to a big state school where people get their diplomas five months after they graduate!

No, you do not need your diploma. You need only final transcripts upon which your degree is posted. This process can take anywhere between 2-4 weeks after you complete your last term, depending on the campus.

When should I take the CPA exam?

As soon as you possibly can! NASBA statistics show a higher pass rate for recent graduates. The closer you are to graduation, the higher your likelihood of passing.

If you are a recent graduate, an ideal time to begin exam preparation is during the weeks or months between completing your college career and your start date with your new employer. Employers also encourage their staff to take the exam at the beginning of their career. They cannot advance staff unless they are licensed CPAs. If you have already begun your accounting career, do not worry. Many CPA exam test-takers are currently employed in accounting and are still able to successfully study for and pass the exam. Since the exam is now computerized, candidates may schedule to take it during the first 2 months of each quarter.

Will you look at my transcripts before I apply?

We are not authorized to evaluate transcripts. The help we can provide in this arena is limited. Please contact your campus or alma mater's appropriate department for assistance.

How do I send the State Board my transcripts? How long does this take?

The transcript process varies by campus. Contact your alma mater's registrar office to learn more. We strongly recommend using rush transcript services. The upgrade fee from regular processing to expedited processing is often negligible. It is worth it!

State Board of Accountancies vary in their time evaluating transcripts depending upon the amount of applicants applying. Contact your state board for estimates. CA state board generally takes between 2-4 weeks depending upon volume of applications.

I am graduating in mid-May and want to finish the exam by August. How do you recommend I go about doing this?

It is not likely that you will be able to pass all four parts by August. We recommend that students take no more than two parts in the same window. The windows are: January – February April – May July – August October – November.

Note that the third month of each quarter – March, June, September, and December – are completely closed to testing.

If you take your last final in the middle of May, assume that your school is able to post final transcripts and have them processed and sent to the State Board by early June. Then assume it takes the state board 4 weeks to approve your transcripts and notify you of this approval, which would be early July.

At this point, you receive an Authorization to Test (ATT). You will then indicate which parts you will take and notify NASBA within 90 days of the ATT, and NASBA issue you a Notice to Schedule (NTS), good for 9 months in California. Once you obtain the NTS, you may then contact the Prometric testing center of your choice to schedule the exam.

To meet your goal of taking and passing all four parts, you would then need to schedule all four parts in the July-August testing window. Also, please remember that our review course is almost 100 hours. Factor in an additional 200-300 hours of study time, which results in a 300-400 hour time commitment. It is in your best interests not to put this type of stress upon yourself and space out your exams into at least two testing windows.

What part should I take first? I heard that BEC is easy and REG is the hardest.

There is no "magic formula" for figuring out which parts to take in what sequence. But we can offer some tips.

You should begin with the part you think you are the most comfortable with – for example, if you are currently working in tax, it makes sense to take REG first and build your confidence. Rest assured that you can be successful in passing the CPA Exam regardless of whatever sequence of the four parts you decide upon. The most important factor in deciding upon which part to study for and take at which time will always be your schedule!

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What is your supplier diversity statement?

We embrace diversity as an absolutely vital component to the growth of our business by providing comprehensive services involving and related to the Uniform CPA Exam. We aim to expand our business opportunities by fortifying our partnerships with ethnic minority, women, small, disabled, LGBT, and veteran-owned enterprises as valuable competitive assets. We incorporate our diversity policy in all that we undertake by annually granting full and partial review course scholarships to hundreds of undergraduate accounting students and diversity-focused organizations; by partnering with national professional organizations; by executing supplier diversity initiatives; and by retaining a diverse staff.

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