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CPA Exam Score Release

CPA Exam Score Release

We advise you to review the score release timetables when planning your testing schedule, so that you are aware of when you’ll receive your score after sitting for the CPA Exam. Below are the dates that the CPA Exam scores will be released by NASBA to the State Boards of Accountancy:

The National Association of State Boards of Accountancy (NASBA) releases scores to candidates and the State Boards of Accountancy based upon the Uniform CPA Exam score release timetables. The score release timetables are updated biannually by The American Institute of Public Accountants (AICPA) and first posted on AICPA Insights and on AICPA’s Website.

2017 CPA Exam Score Release Timetables

January/February (Q1) Testing Window
If you take your test by: And the AICPA receives your examination data files from Prometric by midnight on: Your score will be released by the target release date:
January 20 January 20 February 7
February 14 February 14 February 23
February 28 February 28 March 8

March 10

March 10

March 11

**After March 11

March 21

March 24

*The Exam data files the AICPA receives after March 11 will be included in the final target score release date.

April/May (Q2) Testing Window
If you take your test before: And the AICPA receives your examination data files from Prometric by midnight on: Your score will be released by the target release date:
April / May April 1 - May 31 August 16 - August 18

**Due to the change to the Exam, which become effective with the 2017 (Q2) testing window, there will be a delay in the release of scores with a single score release for all candidates approximately 10 weeks after the close of the testing window. This delay is necessary to provide sufficient time to statistically validate candidate performance on the newly launched Exam.

The estimated target release date is based on the following factors: the day you took your test by, and when the AICPA receives examination data files from Prometric. To always have the latest CPA Exam Score Release timetable, please visit our blog and search score release.

Where Do I Find My CPA Exam Score?

If your State Board of Accountancy utilizes NASBA’s online score retrieval service, you will be able to receive your CPA Exam score on the NASBA Website the day that scores are released. Not all Boards use the online score retrieval service, so check with your State Board if you have any questions about where to find your CPA Exam score. If you don’t receive your CPA Exam in the timeframe outlined by the CPA Exam score release timetables, the AICPA asks all CPA Exam candidates to keep the following in mind:

  • Prometric sends AICPA the examination data files within 24 hours after the CPA candidate completes the exam. If your score for the exam is received after AICPA’s cutoff dates, your score will be available on the next scheduled score release date.
  • Your State Board of Accountancy may require at least one day beyond the published score release target date to process and release exam scores. Contact your State Board of Accountancy if you think your score has been wrongly delayed.
  • The Written Communication task of the BEC section requires additional analysis, so some CPA candidates may receive their BEC scores approximately one week following the targeted score release due date.
  • The AICPA does not provide CPA Exam scores. If you are unable to retrieve your CPA Exam score from the NASBA Website, please contact your State Board of Accountancy for further instruction.

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