Idaho CPA Requirements

Idaho CPA Requirements

Wondering what it takes to become a licensed CPA in Idaho?

How to Become a CPA in Idaho

Welcome to your one-stop-shop for CPA Requirements in Idaho. Navigate through the tabs below for a comprehensive overview of your state’s specific CPA requirements, including: education and residency requirements, licensured details, who to contact, and how much the exam costs.

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Idaho CPA Requirements

Education Requirements

Credit Requirements: 150 semester units (225 quarter units) needed for certification, but not needed to sit for the exam

Minimum Degree: Baccalaureate degree

Additional Requirements: 24 semester hours or equivalent quarter hours in accounting or 15 semester hours or equivalent quarter hours in accounting at graduate level

Residency Requirements

Citizenship: U.S. Citizenship is not required

Minimum Age: 18

Additional Requirements: Must be a current or past resident, or plan to immediately reside in the state of Idaho

Social Security Requirement: Yes

Education Requirement: 150 hours inlcuding Bachelor's Degree

Participates in International Exam Program: No

Experience Requirement: 1 year (2,000 hours) of relevant work experience that must be completed within a 1-3 year period 

Ethics Exam: Must pass the AICPA Ethics Exam with at least a 90%

Idaho State Board of Accountancy
1109 Main, Suite 470
Boise, ID 83702

Phone: 208-334-3584
Fax: 208-334-2615

Initial Application Fees $100
AUD $193.45
BEC $173.60
FAR $193.45
REG $173.60
Total $834.10

     *$50 re-examination application fee