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CPA Exam Game Plan

2019 CPA Exam Game Plan

Need a CPA Exam Game Plan? We've got you covered.

2019 CPA Exam Game Plan Webcast -
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The 2019 CPA Exam Game Plan Webcast will introduce you to the CPA Exam’s content and structure and will show you how to plan out your CPA Exam journey. You’ll also learn about all the 2019 CPA Exam updates to ensure you’re fully prepared on Exam day. We’ll also walk you through our SmartPath Predictive Technology™ and show you how it will help you pass the CPA Exam faster using data-supported targets. So, be sure to watch on-demand to catch all of these important updates and more!

How Ready are You for the 2019 CPA Exam?

The 2019 CPA Exam is here! Are you ready for it? Grab a piece of paper and take our 5-question quiz to see if you know the answers to questions that you might see on the new Exam. Question topics cover REG and FAR changes in 2019.

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2019 CPA Exam Application Checklist

If you’re feeling overwhelmed by the CPA Exam application process, download our CPA Exam Application Checklist. The checklist will walk you through, step-by-step, on how to apply for the CPA Exam. Follow these steps to move closer to your goal of passing the CPA Exam.

2019 CPA Exam Time Strategies

Preparing for the CPA Exam is challenging in both the effort and time needed to properly plan for success. With so many areas to focus on when studying for the CPA Exam, understanding time management and strategy isn't always a top priority for students. Many CPA Candidates misjudge its importance and don't realize the benefits of knowing where you need to be at the end of each testlet when taking the Exam. In reality, CPA Exam time strategy is an important issue and a key element to CPA Exam success. So, we've put together a 2019 CPA Exam Time Strategies document to help you have a better understanding of what to expect when you walk into a Prometric Center to sit for the Exam.