CPA Exam Review Cram Courses

The Cram Course is great to get those extra points you need to pass. The Roger CPA Review Cram Courses are condensed versions of the full CPA Review Courses and are designed to reinforce your understanding of the most heavily tested CPA exam topics. Choose the Cram if you need a refresher between your Roger CPA Review course and the date you sit for the exam or if you fell just short of passing and want to try again without retaking a course in its entirety.

All Lectures Taught with the Dynamic Roger Method™

Class Time
Part Length
FAR 19 hrs.
REG 11 hrs.
AUD 9 hrs.
BEC 8 hrs.
  • Features focused, dynamic lectures by using the Roger Method™
  • Motivational lectures cut out the fat while simplifying topics and breaking them into easy to understand concepts
  • Multiple choice and simulation questions fully explained in lectures

Roger CPA Review Cram Books

  • Personally written by Roger Philipp, CPA with a team of expert editors
  • Succinct and streamlined – The perfect companion to the Cram Course lectures!
  • Content is updated every 6 months

Friendly Staff Ready to Assist

  • Dedicated to ensuring Roger CPA Review students have the best CPA Exam study experience
  • Happy to work with Roger CPA Review students to help meet individual needs
  • Contact us via online chat, email or by calling 1-877-764-4272

Cram lectures available in two flexible course formats: Online and Flash Drive

  • The Online format allows you to study anywhere with an internet connection, including most mobile systems, such as Apple and Android, at no extra cost!
  • The Flash Drive format is truly portable and available without internet connection – perfect for busy accountants and studying on-the-go!
  • High quality video enables you to fast-forward, rewind and pause