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Learn about the CPA Exam

Learn about the CPA Exam

The Uniform CPA Examination is a test created to protect the public’s interest by ensuring that only qualified candidates become licensed CPAs in the United States. It’s a comprehensive, 16 hour beast and requires determination and careful preparation.

Becoming a CPA will create many professional opportunities for you: Increased salary potential, prestige, financial stability and career options, to name a few. However, passing the CPA Exam - the gateway to certification - is no easy feat. At Roger CPA Review, we are here to help you pass by teaching you exactly what it is you need to know with our renowned eLearning system.

CPA Exam Basics

Planning on taking the CPA Exam in the near future? We've got everything you need to know! Download our free CPA Exam basics kit for information on exam content, structure, and more.