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Select Course Package

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  • CPA Review | Your choice of AUD / FAR / BEC / REG
  • New SmartPath Predictive Technology™ to target strengths and weaknesses & pass faster
  • Mobile app with streaming-only access
    Available for Android. iOS coming soon.
  • 100+ Hours of focused, dynamic lectures
  • Digital and physical textbooks
  • 6,200 MCQs and TBS, including AICPA released questions
  • CPA Exam Simulator with an unlimited amount of practice questions
  • Read only access to 24/7 Homework Help Center
  • Free updates to materials


First and foremost, we teach our students. Students must first learn and understand accounting concepts before diving into the CPA Exam practice questions. With the help and expertise of the industry’s top authorities, we’ve developed a system to help students in mastering the concepts needed to successfully pass the CPA Exam.

Fully Integrated Micro-Lessons

Fully Integrated Micro-Lessons

Our course is composed of lessons delivered in a micro-learning structure. Each lesson consists of a 10-25 minute video lecture, accompanied by a short section from the course textbook and corresponding class questions. This proven system helps students to easily consume and retain the concepts needed to pass the CPA Exam.

The Most Focused, Dynamic Instructional Lectures

Our full course consists of 100+ hours of lectures, straight from the industry’s top CPA Exam instructor, Roger Philipp, CPA, CGMA. For 28+ years, Roger’s teaching style has motivated students by keeping them engaged in their studies and focused in on the most tested CPA Exam topics. He simplifies even the most difficult topics by using clever memory aids and mnemonics, helping students to retain all of the information for exam day.

Focused, Dynamic Instructional Lectures
E-Textbooks and Physical Course Textbooks

E-Textbooks and Physical Course Textbooks Written by CPA Exam Experts

All four of the CPA Exam sections come with their own course textbook, which can be viewed in its physical bounded format and online within the course portal. Written by our editorial team - led by the industry’s top CPA Exam experts, Roger Philipp, CPA, CGMA (Author, Instructor) and Mark Dauberman, CPA, EMBA (Senior Editor) - the textbooks provide the foundational curriculum for the entire course. The course textbooks include only the material needed to pass the CPA Exam, eliminating any unnecessary theoretical jargon and optional chapters.

Purposeful Online Learning Tools

The course includes a toolbox of interactive study aids designed to enhance each student’s learning experience. We recognize that each student studies at their own pace and to accommodate this we’ve included the capability to increase or decrease video lecture speed, along with the ability to turn on Closed Captioning for further comprehension. Students are also able to add video bookmarks, take online notes, and even highlight their digital textbooks. All course tools have been tested and verified to help students remember more information as efficiently as possible.

Purposeful Online Learning Tools


In order to master the learned materials, it is vital for students to gain hands-on experience answering actual AICPA questions within a system that mirrors the computer-based CPA Exam. To accomplish this task, each student has access to the Interactive Practice Questions system from their online course portal.

5,000+ MCQs and TBS, including AICPA-Released Questions

6,200+ Multiple Choice Questions and Task-based Simulations, including AICPA-Released Questions

Students can solidify their CPA Exam knowledge by testing themselves from a bank of over 6,200 Questions, including AICPA-released questions. Studying from our MCQs and Task-Based Simulations ensures that students are practicing with questions released straight from the writers of the CPA Exam.

Expert Written Solutions

Our team of CPA Exam authorities have written comprehensive solutions to all CPA Exam Questions, including detailed explanations for why each answer is correct or incorrect. This technique helps students to better understand the whole of each topic.

Expert Written Solutions
Diagnostic Reports

Diagnostic Reports

Using the Interactive Practice Questions, students are able to tracks their progress and competency on all available questions. Based on their results, students can choose to review, sort, and quiz by unanswered questions, questions answered correctly or incorrectly, or questions bookmarked or flagged for further review. This type of report provides students with a full understanding of both their strong and weak areas to help guide their studies and final review leading up to the exam.

Practice by Chapter or Full CPA Exam Simulations

The Interactive Practice Questions system is designed with fully customizable capabilities so that students can practice chapters individually, in sets, or as full practice exams. This gives students the ability to first focus their study sessions and then move into a broader range of material as they approach their exam. Questions are delivered in a format that simulates the CPA Exam to avoid any surprises on exam day. As the final step in the Roger Method™, students can use the CPA Exam Simulator to create unlimited full-length practice exams to refine their testing strategy and time management skills for Exam Day.

Practice by Chapter or with Full Practice Exams


At Roger CPA Review, our goal is to provide a full service solution for the CPA Exam in order to foster the most Efficient, Effective and—above all else—Enjoyable learning experience. A key element that enhances our students’ journey is our 24/7 Customer Support.

Customizable Study Planners

Customizable Study Planners

Studies show that students who stick to a concrete game plan are more likely to accomplish their goals. Therefore, we provide each of our students with 3, 6, 9 or 12 month study planners that can be customized to meet each individual’s scheduling needs. Within the planners, students will see the entire course - individual lectures, textbook chapters and practice questions - broken down by day to help them develop a successful CPA Exam study schedule. The planners also list suggested time off, final review and days to schedule the CPA Exam!

Homework Help Center - Read Only Access

Certain concepts are more difficult than others, which is completely understandable - the CPA Exam is far from easy! The Select Course Package includes 24/7 access to the Homework Help Center in which students can search 17,000+ student-submitted questions with answers from expert CPAs for quick help. For the ability to post questions in this platform, please see the Premier and Elite course Package options.

Homework Help Center
Progress Assessment Tools

Progress Assessment Tools

Included in the course are Progress Assessment Tools to help students maintain a strong grasp of their advancement through their studies. With these tools, students can keep track of their progress through each course section, each chapter and each topic. Additionally, they can count down the days to their exam by plugging in their scheduled exam day in the countdown tool.

Personal Trainer

Passing the CPA Exam is no easy feat, but we’re here to help! The Personal Trainer delivers tips, tricks and helpful insights straight to each student’s inbox. Each student’s course includes immediate access to the Personal Trainer so that they are able to receive customized material based upon their personal progress. For many students, this motivational coach is a key component to reaching the finish line!

Personal Trainer
David Song

Average: 5 (1 vote)

I recently passed the last section of the CPA Exam. I passed all sections on the first attempt (FAR-94, BEC-91, REG-89, AUD-88) - all due to Roger and me studying. I have been out of school for about 30 years and in a non-accounting profession. Nonetheless, with Roger's entertaining but very informative lectures, I did it while working full time. I highly recommend this prep course to anyone who wants to pass the CPA Exam. Thank you Roger. You are the best!
August 22nd, 2017
Calvin Mann

Average: 5 (1 vote)

Newsflash! Studying for the CPA Exam is really boring... unless you are using Roger CPA Review. Roger is an incredibly engaging and entertaining teacher. He nails down the main concepts you have to know to pass the exam and presents them in an easy to digest format. I can honestly say I would not currently be a CPA if it was not for Roger. Thanks Roger for all of your awesome products.
April 28th, 2017
Elizabeth Guzman

Average: 5 (1 vote)

BEC and AUD gave me no problems. FAR and REG were different. Preparing with Roger changed that. His course helped focus my studying so that I allocated my study time to specific topics in a more organized manner. As a bonus, his mnemonics and the way he sets things up on the whiteboard really helped with recall. I am so grateful for the review courses! I just wish I had purchased them earlier...
March 23rd, 2017
Julian Gallegos

Average: 5 (1 vote)

This has been quite the journey, but I'm so grateful that I chose Roger CPA to guide me along the way. I did a lot of research on review courses, and Roger's just felt right based on my learning style. With Roger, I was able to pass all 4 sections on the first try in two testing windows just in time to avoid the dreaded Q2 2017 exam changes. Roger's unique way of engaging and teaching students makes it near impossible to lose interest, it's almost addictive (who says that about accounting?!). Thank you Roger, you are my hero. "I studied, I passed."
March 21st, 2017
Alexander Michalski

Average: 5 (1 vote)

After I had made my decision to take the CPA Exam, I was very nervous about the whole process. I've never been a strong test taker and I know many people smarter than myself who have been unable to pass the exam. After a little research, I ultimately decided to go with Roger CPA review and it was one of the better decisions I've made in my life. Using the 6 month study plan, I was able to pass all four sections on my first try before tax season started. The material was extremely relevant and I found many of the review questions more challenging than the exam questions, which I can primarily attribute my success to. I highly recommend Roger CPA to my co-workers and believe it truly set me up for success.
February 9th, 2017
Yes! Use the Roger CPA Review App to stream your course lectures and view eTextbooks on the go. The app also provides Mobile Offline Access, in which you can download course materials directly to your mobile device (Mobile Offline Access is not included in all course packages). The app is currently available for Android devices and can be downloaded for free at the Google Play Store. The iOS version is coming soon.
You are free to watch your lectures as often as you would like for the duration of your course, so go ahead and play them a second (or third) time.
Roger will teach each and every lecture in all four sections, ensuring that the teaching style and energy remains the same through the entire study process.
We update our materials frequently to ensure that our students are studying for the most current information on the exam. From our lectures to our practice questions, we strive to ensure that students have access to the most up to date content.

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