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Roger CPA Review Mobile App - Coming Soon!

Studying for the CPA Exam has never been more convenient. Make any moment a study moment with the Roger CPA Review App!

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Study for the CPA Exam Anytime, Anywhere.

When preparing for the CPA Exam, every moment matters, and even the smallest bit of study time can bring you one step closer to your goals. But many aspiring accountants find it difficult to fit critical study time into their busy lifestyle—until now. The company that brought you SmartPath Predictive Technology™ continues to help you achieve maximum efficiency in your studies with the Roger CPA Review App.

Whether you’re trying to squeeze in some study time on your commute to work, during your lunch break, or even while wrangling a few kids, the Roger CPA Review App helps you make any moment a study moment.

This perfect companion to your Roger CPA Review course is coming Summer 2018, and will be available to download FOR FREE on your iOS and Android devices!

App Features

Convenient Access to your Course Materials

Stream the profession's most effective video lectures and eTextbooks, or download to your device for Mobile Offline Access.*
*Mobile Offline Access not available for all course packages.

Real-Time Progress Metrics

Knowing where you are is the key to getting where you need to be. Which is why the App helps you track your progress in working through course lecture and eTextbook materials.

Flexibility to Continue Your Studies On-The-Go

Busy accountants often switch between mobile and desktop devices throughout the day. No matter which device you're using, you can easily pick up where you last left off in your studies.

Simple and Engaging User Interface

When it comes to preparing for the CPA Exam, anything to make your life easier is a win! The app is easy to navigate, helping you seize each possible study moment without complication.