We hope that everyone had a productive March. Now that the second testing window has started, we thought it'd be helpful to share the "schedule" for how scores will be released for those sitting for exams in April/ May. Some things to keep in mind:

  • The order of score releases is historically BEC, REG, AUD, FAR or BEC, AUD, REG, FAR but Wave 2 releases can be unpredictable. Case in point would be this last Wave 2 release sequence for Jan/Feb where the order was BEC, FAR, REG, then AUD.
  • The AICPA releases scores to NASBA, or directly to the state if it is a non-NASBA jurisdiction. Individual states release their scores via Board of Accountancy websites, email, or snail mail. NASBA posts scores 24-48 hours after receiving them from the AICPA, generally around 9pm EST. Follow @NASBA , @cpaexamtweets and @rogercpa before the release week to get the latest information.

This "schedule" is just a prediction based on information we found from CPA Zone. They have a great post here: WAVE 1 & 2 Apr/May 2010 Window Score Release Estimates.

As the only CPA Review provider with the RealResults system, and the highest passing rates in the industry (86%!), we know that our students are able to worry a bit less when it comes to the score waiting game.

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**Update--Our link to CPAnet now shows the most current post. (4.2.10)