Last week we launched our new proprietary technology: SmartPath™. SmartPath™ is a data-driven and predictive platform that provides CPA candidates with recommendations on areas to focus their study efforts by comparing progress with successful Roger CPA Review students.


SmartPath™ is not only a result of our dedication to continuously better serve our students...

It’s also a testament to our goal in helping candidates prepare for the CPA Exam more efficiently and effectively. This tool helps take the guesswork out of CPA Exam preparation, harnessing the power of predictive technology to maximize study time.



But don’t just take our word for it.

Here’s what our students are saying about SmartPath™ and how this tool tailors to their individual needs to guarantee CPA Exam success. 


“SmartPath™ is a highly beneficial tool to aid in each individual's study plans. Being able to track my strengths and weaknesses compared to other successful CPA candidates will help me gain the confidence of knowing I am fully prepared to pass the CPA Exam.”

Amanda Stajcar
Butte, Montana


“I like the more detailed analysis provided through this feature compared to the other information previously available. The ease of starting a new quiz or viewing the lectures based on each section of a chapter appears to make it much easier to focus on trouble sections that the IPQ identifies.”

William Freiberger
Dallas, Texas


“It’s a great tool to help with self-study, as it points out areas that you should keep reviewing, and therefore boosts confidence before the exam.”

Reelah Davis
Brooklyn, New York


“It’s a good addition to the course, allowing students to analyze their progress with those who have successfully passed the exam, giving you a good understanding of where you need to be in order to pass.”

Aniskia Rigby
Nassau, Bahamas


"Love the data summary. It'll help me on my next exam attempt. This will help me track/attain goals and have more confidence going into the exam." 

Ryan Hucks
Trinity, North Carolina


"It is a smart way to prepare for the CPA Exam. Roger is ahead on technology." 

Badari Nadh Biyyapu
Santa Clara, California


"It's a good feature. It helps me see which areas I need to work on and how I compare to others who have passed the CPA Exam. It's easy to use and understand. The feedback it provides is very helpful when I'm studying."

Reem Mohammad
Fairview, New Jersey


"Excellent way to prepare for the exam. Gives a much better indication of progress." 

David Griggs
Los Angeles, California



See how SmartPath™ will help you achieve CPA Exam success!