We spend a lot of time giving advice on what you should do to prepare and sit for the CPA Exam, so we thought we'd give you Roger's tips for what NOT do while you're testing:

  • Dont go to the bathroom or take breaks between testlets the clock does not stop if you choose to take a break. You need every last minute!
  • Dont get distracted. Prometric administers many other types of exams, some of which are open book, so dont be alarmed if you notice your neighbor is reading. Theyre taking a different exam!
  • Don't get stuck. Mark questions and go back to them later if you dont know the answer right away. You can go back and forth between questions on the exam within each section, but once you move to the next testlet or simulation, you can never go back to the previous section. Answer ones you are sure of first and go back for the harder ones.
  • Don't leave a question blank. The CPA Exam does not penalize candidates for wrong answers so youre always better off guessing. You have a 25% chance of getting it right!
  • Don't wast time on the research function. If youre running low on time during the simulation sections, blow off the research function. The AICPA only allocates about one point to the use of the research function. This may change in 2011 but for those testing in 2010, if youre short on time dont worry about using it. Instead, focus on solving a final problem or fine tuning your written communication section.

More information on testing at Prometric can be found here.