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Tips for Tackling TBS...

Hello all. Another week in and Im pretty happy with the progress Ive been making. Ive been spending some extra time this past week focusing on task based simulations. If you really know your material, the simulations shouldnt be a whole lot more difficult than the multiple choice questions. Just being ready for the different formats that you can expect to see on the CPA Exam is a big help. Heres a few common simulation formats to look out for:

Multiple Choice Some simulations arent that much different from the multiple choice. Theyll have a drop down box with a few different selections and you choose the best answer.

Spreadsheet - These can be a little trickier. Luckily, spreadsheets are something most accountants are pretty familiar with. You may need to enter a formula or just demonstrate your ability to read financial information and navigate your way around a spreadsheet effectively.

Research In research simulations youll often have to find the appropriate standard or accounting code that is relevant to a given situation. Looking for key words and reading the questions thoroughly is a good way to make sure you can find the right answer.

Happy Studying!