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Having just gone through a move, I can see how its very easy to get sidetracked or work on small projects that prevent me from studying. Running back and forth, looking for things that Ive packed and trying to keep track of lost mail has been sort of a distraction. Getting into a new routine from a different location also makes it somewhat difficult to get back into my rhythm that I felt I was in just a few weeks ago. The most productive study times for me have been when I have a clear head and can devote all of my concentration to the CPA review material.

Having said that, I am not thrilled with my productivity this past week, but I am hoping to rebound with some extra studying this week. Once again, I need to hammer out some more MCQ and hopefully I can target the areas that I feel I need some more time with. One area that I feel I have been neglecting is the simulations. I know there are a lot of points there and I need to be prepared for the different simulation I might see the day of the test. I hope your studying is going well, back to work for me!

Happy Studying,