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The holidays are coming up and spending time around family and friends can make it very easy to skip out on a day of studying or even cut your study sessions an hour or so short. Ive been trying to keep up with my 2-3 hours a day worth of studying. This can sometimes be challenging when you dont get to see your family that often, but I need to stay on pace with my CPA study plan.

For me, telling everyone ahead of time that I need some space for a few hours a day was the best way to do it. Theyve been really good about it, so that has been helpful. I already feel somewhat behind as Ive been reviewing topics multiple times when I dont think Im picking everything up after I covered it in the book and after watching the lectures. Im still at a point where Im not really satisfied with the scores Ive been getting on the MCQ and Im starting to wonder if Im going to be ready to take the exam in late November like I have been planning. An extra month of studying in December would definitely be a big help. My progress over the next two weeks is going to be critical in determining when I need to schedule my exam, so I am hoping I can get to where I need to be to take this section in this testing window.

Hope your CPA review plan is going well and happy studying!

How do you keep up with your study plan during the holidays?