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Hello all! I feel like I had a good week of studying. Columbus day came and went, providing some much-needed study time. I am feeling pretty comfortable with a lot of the financial statement information on the FAR CPA exam. I do a lot of financial statement preparation at work so I think that is going to help me with some of this material. Theres quite a bit of it too. Inventory, marketable securities, depreciation, revenue recognition are all areas that I think Ill do well on when its time to take the exam. Some of these topics are also covered in parts of BEC and Audit, so if youve taken those exams already that may be helpful.

I am a little more concerned with some of the governmental and not for profit accounting. I am really going to have to spend some extra time with these topics. Luckily, they arent tested as heavily as the financial statement and transactional items. But I need to be prepared in case I get a simulation on one of these topics. I am already getting the feeling that Im not doing as well on the MCQ so hopefully thats an area that I can focus in on over the coming weeks.

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