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Being on facebook and twitter are two great ways to stay in the loop while youre taking the CPA exam. Knowing exactly when scores are being released, staying updated on the most recent industry changes, and hearing about other peoples progress can be a big help. Roger always let us know as soon as he finds out any information and provides up-to-the minute news. For my last exam as soon as I saw on Twitter that Audit scores were being released, I went to the NASBA site and refreshed the page about a dozen times throughout the course of the night until I finally got my score.

However, be warned! Facebook and Twitter can also be two of the biggest distractions when youre trying to study. I could take a quick look at one of these two web sites and get side-tracked for 45 minutes. Breaking news can lead to resetting my fantasy football lineup, catching up on new pictures that a buddy posted from the weekend, or even following a some random celebrity twitter war.

Remember, the goal is to focus and study, and to know the material inside and out. Twitter and Facebook are great resources that can definitely help in the exam process, just dont allow them to lead to poor study habits.

Happy studying... or Facebooking!