The AICPA (American Institute for CPAs) has created a free Study Aid app for exam candidates. The app is not meant to teach you CPA Exam content, rather guide you through the study process and keep you on track for your exams.

The study app is customizable to the course you are taking, so Roger students can download their personalized CPA Exam study planner. The study planner portion includes an exam countdown clock, similar to that in the Roger CPA Review course, keeping you focused on your goals.

The app also includes the following sections:

Practice to record your current progress and share your status

License Where you can check the AICPA database for your states licensure information

Break a place where you can find quirky distractions in fun and games, or read exam diaries from past test-takers

Connect Integrated forums where you can ask questions on all four parts of the exam, licensure, and more!

For those who want to stay on top of their studies while connecting with other individuals in the same situation, this is the app for you. As a customizable resource, it can be very valuable in keeping you on track with your Roger study schedule. Plus, its free!