It's that time again! We hope many of you have been getting an early Christmas gift with the release of Wave 2 exam scores this week (and still coming). Thanks to our friends at NASBA, our CPA-hopefuls-to-be are finding out their results.

So far, scores released as of 12/13/2010 are as follows:

  • BEC: Released as of Tuesday 12/14
  • AUD: Released as of Tuesday 12/14
  • FAR: Released as of Wednesday 12/15
  • REG: Get ready, word is that TOMORROW (Friday, 12/17) scores will be released!

As always, our students worldwide are updating us with their great news! Here's just a taste of what we've been getting this week:

I just wanted to say thanks. I just got my FAR score this morning and made an 80! I really appreciate the in-depth coverage of each subject. Happy Holidays!
--Marc T., current Talley, Mullins & Co. employee

Roger utilizes a simple concept; study hard and you will pass. This combined with his energetic and entertaining class make studying for the exam bearable. Best of all, I passed on the first try!
--Casey C., current Bernard Robinson CPA

I have passed FAR, BEC, AUD, from the first attempt. It took me 9 months to prepare for AUD (with a full time job, a little son, and an additional startup I initiated), but I have passed it. Thank you, Roger. I'll be taking Reg in February.
--Natalia G., TNR Global

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