CPA hopefuls everywhere are taking to the online world to publicly document their CPA Exam journey -posting on Facebook, joining Twitter study groups, writing up weekly blogs, and turning to YouTube to record their every trial and triumph! Meet Gary, a retired Navy Veteran who decided to video blog (or vlog!) his experience with his Roger CPA Review USB Course on his way to CPA. We spoke with Gary, hoping to share with you the benefits of online interaction during your CPA Exam studies.

Roger CPA Review: "Why did you decide to start blogging about your experience with Roger CPA Review and the CPA Exam?"

Gary: "I decided to blog about my experience so that others who are seeking study materials for the CPA exam can get some unbiased feedback.  There are many different products out there and it can be hard to determine which product to purchase."

Roger CPA Review: "How has publicly documenting your journey to CPA helped you? Would you recommend blogging/vlogging to others during their journey to CPA?"

Gary: "I think blogging has helped me study because I feel that I have an obligation to the viewers who want to see how it turns out for me; this helps keep me motivated to study and to let them know how things are going.  Hopefully my experiences, whether I pass or fail, will help them with their own study habits.  I guess you could say the blogging is self motivating to some degree.  I just thought it would be a good way for others to see that there are many out there who are having some of the same fears and issues about the CPA exam.  I confident that I will pass all four parts.eventually!"

Roger CPA Review: "Whats been the easiest/most difficult part of your video blogging experience?"

Gary: "The hardest part about video blogging is the being honest - it's tough to publicly say that I don't think I did well on the FAR exam; I could blame the material, the test center, etc. but really it's all  about me and how diligent I have or have not been."

Episode 1:

Episode 2:
Episode 3:
Remember folks, if you study - you will pass! Perhaps creating a video blog or written blog of your own will help you on your journey to CPA. What holds you accountable to your study plan?