Roses are red, violets are blue, these special deals were made just for you! From now until 2/17, you can choose either the Premier course, which is on sale for $500 off or the Online course, which is on sale for $200 off. Don't know which one to pick? We can help:

Choose the Premier course if:
-You're studying at a slower and steadier pace. You have access to the Premier course for 24 months.
-You often study in places with no internet access, or would like to study during your work commute. The Premier course comes with  offline lectures on a portable USB.
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Choose the Online Course if:
-You have a strict timeline to take the CPA Exam in the next 18 months; that's how long you have access to the course.
-You always study somewhere with reliable internet.
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This week, treat yourself to the ultimate Valentine, and pass the CPA Exam. With lots of love, Roger CPA Review.

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