In 2017, online conversations about the CPA Exam centered around the launch of the new Exam, including anxiety about the delayed score release timelines. However, we now know, based on data collected by Roger CPA Review surveying the first wave of CPA candidates who took the new Exam, that it was similar to, and in some cases easier than, the previous version.

Other top CPA-related conversations in 2017 showed that CPA candidates were interested in auditor-related topics and engaged with content that related to how they approach their future CPA careers.

As we end the year, the conversational focus has turned towards the 2018 CPA Exam changes, including discussions about content updates and the new user experience redesign candidates can expect to see on April 1, 2018.

We’ve enjoyed being the best source of helpful information for industry updates, breaking CPA-Exam news and inspirational stories. We’re here with you through the entire journey and look forward to continued engagement in 2018.

Now, without further ado, here were Roger CPA Review’s Top CPA Exam Articles for 2017:


  1. 10 Little Known Facts about Passing the CPA Exam
    Want to know exactly HOW to pass the CPA Exam? Here are 10 little known tips & tricks CPA candidates can use to prepare & pass the Exam successfully.

  2. Public Accounting: Audit or Tax?
    Many accounting professionals will ask themselves whether they should go into audit or tax at some point or another. Here are the pros and cons of each and which one you should consider when making your final decision!

  3. 10 Must-Know Audit Acronyms
    Are you embarking upon your first year in public accounting in the audit sector? See what top 10 acronyms you should know to help make your transition smooth and seamless!

  4. Top 10 High Paying Accounting Jobs
    Where are you thinking about taking your accounting career? Check out the top 10 highest paying accounting jobs and what they entail.

  5. What you need to know about the 2018 CPA Exam Changes
    Just as the 2017 CPA Exam dust begins to settle; the AICPA has announced they are making changes to the CPA Exam again in 2018! Learn more about what those changes are, how to prepare for them, and why it's important to sit for the CPA Exam as soon as possible!

  6. 2017 & 2018 CPA Exam Score Release Timelines Updated
    Be sure to check out the 2018 Score Release timelines!

  7. Task-based Simulations Reduced on 2017 CPA Exam
    The AICPA announced a decrease in the amount of Task-Based Simulations on all parts of the new CPA Exam this past year from 9 to 8. Find out why.

  8. FAR Exam Changes for 2017
    Many of you were interested in how the FAR section of the CPA Exam would be changing in 2017. See what the major differences were between the old and new exam versions here.

  9. Millennial Accountants Don’t Want a Corner Office with a View
    What do young millennial accountants of today really want in an ideal workplace?

  10. A Day in the Life of an Auditor
    Are you thinking about a career in accounting as an auditor? Get first-hand information about the day-to-day tasks and what to expect if you're choosing to pursue this path.