CPA Trendlines' recent article regarding Vault's release of the top 50 accounting firms noted that it was a close tie between the top two firms Deloitte and PwC. Deloitte ended up coming out on top but what we found most interesting was the comment that this year, it was firm culture that seemed the most important criteria for accountants. The top 5 firms were:

  1. Deloitte (Accounting Practice) LLP
  2. PricewaterhouseCoopers LLP
  3. Rothstein Kass
  4. Marcum LLP
  5. Dixon Hughes PLLC

Similarly, work-life balance was listed as a top factor for 14% of those surveyed while prestige was a top factor for 11%. Work-life balance is a top priority for a variety of demographics within the work force so it shouldn't be surprising to see professionals in the financial services industry list it as a priority as well. However the increasing demand for firms that promote a positive working environment and work-life balance does indicate a shift from the past when prestige was a more domineering factor for employees.

What are the qualities that attract you to an employer or firm?

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