We know, we know. The CPA Exam is scary. It's an energy-draining, fun-sucking, Saturday-night-plans-canceling type of obstacle in the crazy game of life. The CPA Exam is so intimidating, that the mere thought of it is enough to drive people away-- despite the many benefits of becoming a CPA.

But you know better than that. You know that when you combine the right amount of motivation, the right amount of commitment, and the perfect CPA Review instructor, then CPA Success is yours for the taking. So don't wait any longer, review the Top 5 Ways to Fail the CPA Exam and make sure to steer clear of them on your CPA Journey.

Good luck!

#5: Wait for the Perfect Moment
News flash: This will never happen. Life will always throw some sort of curve ball at you, deeming the present moment as unsuitable for CPA Exam studies. The sooner you accept this fact, the sooner you can begin conquering your goal. So get hoppin'!

#4: Sport a Bad Attitude
Through most challenges, having a positive attitude is half the battle. The CPA Exam is no different; studies show that having a healthy level of optimism leads to improved health, career success, and higher scores on exams and achievement tests! So go on, fulfill that self prophecy of yours and affirm that you are well on your way to CPA.

#3: Half-Commit to Your Goal
How many people do you think successfully trained for a marathon race by saying "Well, I guess I'll give it a try and see how it goes..." Chances are, not many! The CPA Exam is a unique marathon in itself. It demands 300-400 hours of practice, and a personal vow of commitment. How many people do you think reflect on earning their CPA license and regret their hard work? We think that number is easier to estimate-- ZERO!

#2: Attempt to Go It Alone
Research shows that finding a study buddy can make a huge difference in your CPA Exam studies. Whether you're taking advantage of Roger CPA Review's Homework Help Center or meeting fellow CPA Exam Candidates in your area through our online forums, we highly recommend finding someone to share the tough moments and tougher homework problems.

#1: If You Don't Study, You Won't Pass
If you're really hoping to fail the CPA Exam, then don't put in the hours! The CPA Exam covers a tremendous amount of information on such a wide array of topics. Using the Roger Method of instruction, Roger Philipp, CPA breaks down and teaches difficult concepts using helpful memory aides and real life scenarios to help his students best learn!

Caution: Our New Generation CPA Review Course will make studying as easy as possible--  and dare we say, enjoyable-- so only enroll when you are truly ready to throw these five reasons out the door and pass the CPA Exam.

Are you determined to pass the CPA Exam? Then kick start your dream of becoming a CPA right off the bat. Let's get started!