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With the testing window coming to a close, and anxious CPA-hopefuls gearing up to sit for the exam, we figured we'd share some 'CPA Exam Day' tips straight from the source!



1. Sleep is the most important thing you can do the night before the exam Alissa


It's important to kick your crazy sleep schedule and get a full night's rest before the exam. We know that nerves and adrenaline might kick in, giving you an extreme desire to open your book and cram until the wee hours, but we dont recommend it! Unwind with a great flick and put those study materials away before you crawl into bed. Nowif only we could promise you wont have those inevitable test day nightmares.


2. Plan ahead! The Bart was late, and it was pouring outside. I had the address to the Prometric center but didn't know where the exact location was. By the time I got to the testing center, I was drenched. So I ended up giving my exam with wet clothes on and soggy shoes-Sandipa


Having a complete understanding of the entire exam day process will help reduce unnecessary stress right before the exam. In addition to gathering necessary forms of ID the day before, essential preparation also includes knowing the exact location of the Prometric Center and figuring out where to park. Do a test run the week prioryoull feel much more confident on exam day!


3. Arrive to the exam early: Traffic was SO bad, and I didn't know they give you 30 min leeway, so at 12:27 I jumped out of the car and started running the rest of the way to the testing center. (My exam time was 12:30) Everyone thought I was crazy. -Alison


TSAs make no exceptions for late arrival, no matter how crazy your story is. Therefore, to avoid having to reschedule your exam, leave plenty of time to arrive early to the Prometric Center, in addition to the required 30 minutes. We all know that traffic can be unpredictable, even if youre using public transportation. Why not arrive an hour early and brush up on your mnemonics?


4. Watch the clock! During the exam, manage your time wisely because computers might be slower than you thought -Misa


On exam day, it is extremely important to constantly keep an eye on the clock and adjust your time accordingly. The CPA Exam is a careful balancing act between what you know and suitable time management. If you need to spend longer on one portion of the exam because youre trying to recall an answer or your computer is responding slower, adjust your time for the following portions! If you start to run out of time, just guessyou still have a 25% chance of getting the answer right! More time management tips.


5. Be confident in your ability to pass the test. Trust in yourself and in your preparationRemember if you study and follow Roger's study plan, YOU WILL PASS! Be confident!-Alex

The number one reason that students pass the CPA Exam is because they create and abide by a solid study plan. If youve created a study plan for your review course and successfully followed it, take comfort in knowing that youve taken all the correct steps to pass the CPA Exam. Good luck!