1. Its a competition! Your friends and CPA Exam studies will definitely compete for your attention during this time. In order to pass, youve got to make a tough call in favor of your studies.
  2. Strategy. There arent any tricks in that old playbook to conquer the CPA Exam - you must create a solid study strategy. Hammer out a study planner, including details of your course, personal life, and time off, and make sure that you stick to it!
  3. Commercial breaks.Studying for the CPA Exam requires that you pay close attention to the material. For sanitys sake, you should tune out for a commercial break or two. Treat yourself to a scoop of froyo, your favorite Youtube clip, or a quick jaunt around the block.
  4. Blackouts. While the 2013 Superdome experienced a 30-something-minute blackout smack dab in the middle of SB2K13, the CPA Exam experiences regular blackout months in which no exam can be scheduled. These blackouts can't be blamed on Beyonces fierceness...they're solely due to CPA Exam scoring.
  5. Injury. The pain may be similar to torn muscles and broken bones, but a sub-75 score is not a season-ending injury. Though it may not be enough to pass this game, each completed exam will help to boost your score next time. Take a deep breath, read through your score report, study your weaknesses, and go get em next timetiger. 

Just like playing in the Superbowl, studying for the CPA Exam requires discipline, training and strategy. And, though all of your effort unfortunately boils down to one single event, it'll all be worth it when you've got a big shiny trophy, or CPA certificate.