Two seemingly separate entities Fat Tuesday and the CPA Exam - brought together by three commonalities:

1) A little history: The official colors of Mardi Gras are purple, green and gold - purple representing justice, green meaning faith and gold expressing power.

Well, thats pretty spot on with the CPA Exam if I do say so myself. Passing the Exam requires justice those 300-400 hours of study time will, and just have to, eventually be worth it. Conquering the exam requires faith and confidence in your ability to pass. And, finally, the CPA Exam sure as heck requires power no explanation needed! If you disagree, you havent studied for it.

2) Just say yes to excuses! Mardi Gras has transformed from its humble beginnings into a day where excuses are celebrated!  During the carnival season, people worldwide can binge on beignets, pancakes, and other carbolicious goodies. Blame it on the reason for the season and feast guilt-free.

During your CPA Exam studies, feel free to spew excuses like its your job! Ditch the dishwashing, say no to unpleasant obligations and skip out on spring cleaning. Dont worry - Youll make it up to everyone once those three letters nest happily behind your name.

3) Celebrate good times, comeon! Celebrated in major cities worldwide, bazillions of people will take to the streets in a festive frenzy of beads, floats and lots of music! The mantra: forget your troubles and have a good time!

No, I dont mean race over to the nearest party store to buy heaps of colorful beads, but remember to celebrate the small successes during your overarching journey to CPA. Whether that means powering through a couple tough topics in your AUD course and then watching your favorite show, or passing a section of the exam and taking a night off, be sure to reward yourself along the way!

Good luck everyone & Happy Mardi Gras!