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CPA Exam MC Question App

Add the new CPA Exam MC Question Mobile App to your study routine and harness a deeper understanding of the most tested topics on the CPA Exam! Now, quiz yourself anywhere, anytime. Perfect for convenient quizzing and on-the-go studying.

 CPA Exam Flashcards

Keep CPA Exam concepts close at hand, even when you step away from your online course, by 

Customizable Study Planners

Research has shown students who have a study plan are more likely to stick to their studies and reach their goals, making all the difference between passing and failing the CPA Exam. The Roger CPA Review study planners, included with all course enrollments, not only fully incorporate the course syllabus, but can also be customized to account for your life events.

Audio Course

With the Roger Audio Course, turn any non-traditional study time into a learning opportunity. Whether you're driving to work, pumping iron at the gym, or fading off to sleep at night, you now have the ability to immerse yourself in CPA Review. 

The Roger CPA Review Course

Every aspect of the course has been designed with special care to foster a study process that simultaneously delivers results and enjoyment.

The Roger Method is a proven teaching approach in which lectures, texts and practice questions are broken down into bite-sized, highly motivating lessons that simplify difficult concepts while keeping students focused.