Congratulations Graduates! accounting-graduate-cpa-exm

Its graduation time, and with the diploma comes copious amounts of pride, celebration, and a small level of anxiety riding on the back of the unknown future. What do I do next?

Luckily for Accounting Majors, you've chosen a systematic course of study and there are certain steps to take that will guide you into the unknown future. The following steps will get you on your way to passing the CPA Exam and obtaining your CPA.

Dont wait to sit for the exam. Its all too easy to get swooped up in the excitement of being out of school and graduating! Dont forget that now is the best time to sit for the exam while everything is still fresh in your mind and you're used to a study routine.

The CPA Exam is broken up into four parts: Regulation, Financial, Audit and Business Environment Concepts. Set a personal goal to get at least one part done this summer before you start work in the fall. Roger CPA Review is ready to help you accomplish this goal by offering three flexible formats: In Class, Online and USB. No matter which format you choose, Roger CPA Review is ready to get you started right away!

If you have already booked your summer vacation, not all is lost! Roger CPA Review never punishes you for having a life outside of the CPA Exam, we have a $100 Deposit program in place, which allows you to save your student price until youre ready to start studying. Be sure to place your deposit before June 30th! You can place your $100 deposit by visiting: click enroll now at the top right hand side of the screen and follow the process until you get to the payment page where you click $100 Student Deposit. Once youre ready to actually start your classes, you can call our Customer Support Staff to complete your payment and collect your materials. Tip: put the refundable deposit down no matter what situation you are in, that way youre covering all your bases. $1695. No questions asked.

Have you visited your State Board Website? Have you gone to your Registrars office and requested your OFFICIAL Transcripts to be sent to the State Board (from every school you ever attended)? Get on it grads! The more you visit the state board site and get familiar with the functionality, the less scary it will be the third and fourth time you visit. Check out your State Board Website and start an application online. Each State is different, so for more information visit our website and find your states application process.

Its not all about studies! If you havent already you should join a professional organization or your state society. Everyone knows the power of networking in todays business world and its not just what you know but who you know. Professional Organizations tailored to Accounting Professionals as well as your State Society are important organizations to join. Roger CPA Review recognizes the power of these organizations and you can find a list of our partner orgs here.

Besides the CPA Exam, another feat in your future is obtaining licensure. Luckily, you are able to obtain your hours of experience before, during, or after your Exam, as long as you're directly reporting to a Licensed CPA wholl sign off on your hours. Internships, paid, unpaid, jobs, etc all count. Ask your supervisor to hash out your situational details! Additionally, many firms are looking out for your future and will provide support for your CPA Exam studies. Some firms will pay partial costs and even full tuition toward Roger CPA Review! For a list of all Roger CPA Review partner firms please visit our listed firms here. If your firm is not listed please let us know!

By staying focused and motivated, you can make the transition from student to professional a lot less expensive, painful, and confusing. Roger CPA Review is there for you from beginning to end, so if you have questions, beyond your own research, call the office! Best of luck, Graduates!

In all sincerity, we are proud of you. Youve made it this far, so keep at it and the unknown future will soon turn into your daily lifestyle.