As we go into November, we say sianara to the past recession. According to a recent study by Yahoo!, a career in accounting places you at the top of the job security market--however, we know that times are still a bit tough.

We here at Roger CPA Review understand--that's why we've put together a concise list of some useful job-seeking tips for you up and coming CPAs!

Organization is key. Having a system to keeping track of what jobs you've applied to, want to apply to, etc. will be a necessity in applying and following up during your search. Just like working a 9-5, set up a schedule that will allow you to set a certain time allotment for working on your resume, applying and following up!

Keep on going! Persistence is key in the job search. Having a positive attitude during your job search will spill over to the (hopefully!) actual interview, which will be apparent to the person interviewing.

Networking--learn it, love it. We all "know" people--but have you actually put these connections to use? Sign up on Linkedin and create a profile, but make sure not add all your facebook friends. Instead, find past professional coworkers and managers that can write you references directly to your profile. The site is also a great place to see upcoming seminars and accounting-related events to attend.

Get your CPA! You can't go wrong with this. Having the distinguishing title of "CPA" will give you an instant advantage over accounting professionals who have yet to take on the CPA road to success.

For those of you just starting to think about getting on the route to CPA fabulosity, Roger CPA Review offers plenty of course options for your varying schedules. With an 86% pass rate, we've helped more than 80,000 students succeed in passing the CPA exam. Join in on the ride!