Besides being filled with Ramen noodle dinners and crazy roommates, college is a time of tough work, diligence, time management, and hard studying. CPA Candidates who have been out of school for a few years often find it hard to transition back into that "school mode" of cracking the books. The study techniques learned in college can be applied years after the fact to help you get the most of your study time and put your nose to the grind.

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    Make it pop. Highlight the importance concepts on the page. Dragging a yellow or orange highlighter over key information, you make it easier to go back and review without having to re-read the entire book. Also, your mind will register the information as more important and recall it better later. Allan Mundsack, James Deese, Ellin K. Deese offer a step by step guide on how to highlight in their book How to Study. They suggest highlighting on your second time through and not highlighting complete sentences.
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    Jot it down. Yes, that's right take notes. By making an outline of the material, you can both condense the information for later review and reinforce the concepts by writing them down. Additionally, taking notes during Roger's Lectures will help you determine what the most important concepts are, cpa-study-tips
    Split it up. While some people are okay sitting down and plowing through lecture after lecture and homework problem after homework problem, most people benefit from small breaks. Try setting a goal for yourself 2 straight hours or 100 multiple choice questions. Then give yourself a 30 minute break to eat, play with your kids, or catch up on the Office. But after the break, it's back to work!
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    Just say no. It will be just as hard now as it was in college to say no to late night drinks, a friend's birthday bash, or joining the Ultimate Frisbee team. For the weeks leading up to the exam, most of your extra time will be consumed with lectures and practice questions. It is important to know the difference of having an hour to spare, and when you need to say no and crack down on yourself. Try making these fun events a reward for meeting your weekly study goals. Lastly, make sure you plan a celebration after you've taken the test to see all of the people you will be neglecting I'm sure they will appreciate it.
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    Ask questions. In college, when you struggled with a concept you could meet with (or email, for us in generation y) your professors to ask for help. But after college, people often forget that there are still resources to help them if they are struggling. Email your