Hi everyone! 

I have been studying like crazy to take the REG portion of the exam on February 27.  Thats exactly 17 days if youre counting I am actually feeling pretty good because I have been answering MCQs as if my life depends on it!  I was SO nervous when I started studying REG because I am not a tax person I love my debits and credits.  However, Rogers lectures and memory aides have helped me so much.  I cant imagine studying for this part of the exam without them.  

I have spent the last week reviewing individual, corporate and S-corps questions and notes.  From there, I have written down a handful of key points/topics I am still a bit fuzzy with.  I have been reviewing those notes at night and Im happy to report the list is getting smaller and smaller!  Please dont get me wrong I am still very anxious to take this exam but I honestly can say I feel prepared and feel confident (or at least will be by exam day)!  
I plan to take the next week to do the same with the business law topics to me, those are SO much easier and Im actually looking forward (isnt that sad?!) to those.
I will have one week to review everything and then its D day!  Good luck to all of you testing in the next few weeks! 


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