No, these arent wedding vows. Well they are, but they are also a small snippet of the vows needed to pass these exams. Im late on my blog this week, and late on many other things as a result of being sick the past four days. The studies continued, however, because they have to be completed.
There were moments when I had the time and ability to study, and I utilized Roger CRAM. This course is a lifesaver when you dont have much time to study, but still need to continue learning. I was able to watch a few videos at a time, and then do a recap by reading the CRAM text. I was able to reinforce what I needed to remember for the investments section, and felt like I finally have a strong grasp between the Cost and Equity methods. The fun didnt stop there, though; I managed to get through Derivatives and Foreign Ops as well. 
What I really appreciate about the CRAM courses is that they are not some watered-down review. They are extremely detailed on the topics that you really need to know. If you are short on study time and need a solid program, I dont think there is a better course in the market. As my wife would say, Im a lifetime learner (That is her nice way of saying that I tend to exhaust every option available before completing the exam), and I really have tried most of the other courses out there, but this one is the one that got me through Audit and Regulation, hands down.
Ive got about four weeks to go before I sit for FAR, and although FAR is a beast, this CRAM course is keeping me motivated and moving along at the right pace. Just make sure you do the questions and the SIMs! The videos and book are fantastic, but you need to know how to apply it right away. Ive made the mistake in the past of moving through sections without doing the questions just to make sure I get through the material in time. Ive found that I learn the material much better if I make sure that I dedicate time at the end of each chapter to work MCQs and SIMs.  Sure, you will forget some of it, but it will come back to you faster if you do the problems. That will get you 100% there!
Good Luck!
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