So with a few of the business law lectures, Roger has been advising that this information is really interesting.  But, I have to be honest, I was more intrigued by individual taxation than the law part.  That was up until the commercial paper lecture.

As a consumer, I was actually quite nervous about some of the information I learned, and am much more grateful for having learned it (this late in my life and career).  Im referencing the holder, holder in due course (HDC) and the holder through the holder in due course (HTHDC) discussion.  How often do we have contractors work on our homes with a 50% upfront payment required?  I was shocked to learn that I could be liable to the HTHDC for the amount on the check, even if the contractor breached the contract.  My wife asked me to replay that video.

I have been studying and testing for 18 months now, and I must say that the information I have learned up to this point hasnt just helped me pass the first three exams (FAR, AUD and BEC), but it has given me a professional edge and taught me some really cool things for my personal life.  I have honestly learned more from Roger in the last 100 hours of videos than I did during my undergraduate and graduate studies.
But, here I am 14 days from REG, a little freaked out.  I know that Rogers mantra has worked so far, If you study, you will pass.  So I have some level of personal confidence (though I think my wife, friends, Roger and his staff has more confidence in me than I do).  I know I dont remember everything as Im crashing into the REG cram, but I will say, I know a little bit about a lot. I have two weeks to fine tune those harder areas that I didnt necessarily have time to learn 100%, but thats ok.  Thats what the Cram is for.
Have a great week!