The CPA exam is a long and grueling task that will test your mental fortitude each and every week. I found that in order to stay on track and avoid losing focus of the goal at hand, I needed to adjust my study schedule for day(s) off.  This one minor adjustment was incredibly helpful during my studies with AUD.  
Unlike Roger CPA Review, the software review package I was using prior to making to the switch did not make any mention of taking a day off from studying. The instructors continuously preached that the CPA exam demanded every minute of free time in your day. While the instructors are not completely in the wrong, they made one crucial error that I believe causes many CPA candidates to fail. 
From my experience, it is imperative to take a day off from studying.  You need that mental break to lower your stress and anxiety levels. You'll also need a day off to spend with family, friends, or significant others in order to help you take your mind off of the exam. Trust me, after a day of rest, you will feel refreshed and ready to hit the books since you've had time to relax by doing something enjoyable. 

For those of you making the switch over to Roger CPA Review, or those of you who are just beginning your CPA journey, take full advantage of the days off in your CPA Exam Study schedule that you create from Roger CPA Review. Take the day(s) off only if you can afford to take them. If you can, they will help break up your week and keep you in a good mental state to successfully pass the CPA exam.  


Chris Boate, guest blogger for Roger CPA Review