study-tips-cpa-examOne of the key things Roger always stresses when it comes to successfully passing the CPA Exam is having a plan and sticking to it! This includes planning for potential obstacles like the busy tax season at work, holidays, family events, etc.

Summer can prove to be a difficult time to stay focused. Between summer holidays, vacations, and increased outdoor activity, you may find yourself falling behind on your study goals. Here are some tips for staying focused during the summer months:

1. Study Outside

Find a way to incorporate enjoying the nice weather even when you need to study. You can use your laptop to study in the outdoor courtyard at work. Set up your study station in the back yard. Some students may find it difficult to concentrate outside but you'd be surprised how far a little Vitamin D can go!

2. Plan REALISTICALLY to Study on Your Vacation

Yes you can probably study on the plane or in transit for your trip but are you really going to study for 5 hours a day in lieu of spending time with friends and family or relaxing? Probably not. Having realistic expectations as to what you can actually accomplish while on vacation will not only help you enjoy your time away but also keep you from being overwhelmed when you return.

3. Include Your Family in Your Reward System

When the kids are home and begging you to go to the pool or the beach, try to incorporate them in your reward system. If your family understands that helping you stay focused to get through your practice test for FAR will make pool time happen that much faster, you'll get your studying done sooner and everyone will know what exactly what to expect.

4. Do More Today so You Have Less to do Tomorrow

Instead of waiting to make up all the time you missed while being away, plan to beef up your studies BEFORE you go on your vacation or other plans you may have. Don't procrastinate! Work now, play later. Granted that is much easier said than done, but the harder to your try to put your studies first, the more enjoyable your summer plans will be!

What do you do to stay focused during summer?