Didn't pass? Just readjust your approach. The strategy for re-studying for a failed exam depends heavily on how you scored. Below, youll find two very different scenarios followed by two very different plans of attack!

Scored 70-74: Close-Call Carl received his exam results and was bummed (to say the least) to see he missed a passing score by a hair! Since hearing the news, Carls been mulling over all the different ways the universe screwed him, when instead, all he needs to do is look to his score report for guidance!
Because Carl proved that he had a good understanding of the material, but just needs a nudge, Carls best bet is to look over his score report and first hone in on the areas where he needs more work. However, Carl knows that while hell spend the majority of time reviewing areas he performed poorly in, he is still going to review every area, so he can keep his body of knowledge fresh for when he sits for his exam retake. Carl is a perfect example of someone who would benefit from a Cram Course, a great tool to zero him in on heavily tested areas and give him the extra boost he needs to pass.

Scored 65 and Below: Try-Again, Trevor received his exam results and was mortified, and even contemplated quitting his Journey to CPA-hood. However, rest-assured, all Trevor needs is a complete study overhaul! Clearly whatever he was doing to prepare for the CPA exam wasnt working in his favor.
Trevor has determined that he let life weasel its way between him and the books. Additionally, because Trevors initial review course put him to sleep, hes exploring the idea of finding a new review course that more adequately caters to his learning style. For Trevor, he now knows its key to find an instructor that can motivate him to put in the 300-400 recommended hours of studying time for the exam. With his new course, Trevor knows that he needs to create a Study Plan and stick to his plan this time around! He now realizes that the end result of CPA Exam success requires an equal mixture of dedication to a plan, motivation to study and determination to get to the end result!

CPA Exam Tip: What To Do If You Didn't Pass