To those diligently studying away in school, gaining credits, and hoping to someday sit for the CPA Exam: Your day is here! But don't delay! Time is running out, and graduation is coming up soon! 

Did you know that if you apply for the exam in certain states that you can sit for the CPA Exam BEFORE meeting the education requirements? All the states listed below have whats called a Provisionary Period which allows you to sit for the CPA Exam a certain amount of time before meeting the requirements.

With this new found knowledge, you may be debating why you would undertake such a mission while still in school. Well, here are just a few reasons why!

Show potential employers you are serious If you are closing in on your last term of school and you still dont have a job, stakes can be high. You are sending out your resume to any and all companies and when they see that you have started (or completed) a part of the CPA Exam, they will definitely look at you twice. Companies spend thousands to motivate and assist their new hires to get their CPA, so if you have already taken that leap, it says a lot to them.

Pass the CPA Exam before you start full-time work Lets face it, those people who say life will slow down once you start your job are crazy. Full time work is exhausting and dont forget about busy season. By finishing before you start work, you have a better chance of finishing in the 18 months allotted. Plus, statistics show that the longer you wait to sit for the CPA Exam, you chances of passing go down.

Use Roger CPA Review material to help in your college accounting classes If you are in an auditing section your final term, why not take Rogers AUD section of the Exam first and kill two birds with one stone. But dont take our word for it heres what one of our students had to say:

By taking the college auditing course along with Roger CPA, I received an 98% in the college course.  - Matthew Weingardt

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This video will walk you through everything you need to know about the Provisionary Period:

If you have any questions regarding specific states, let us know in the comments. Well have our field experts fill you in!