We all know that you are becoming a CPA because of a pure, passionate, innocent love of the industry right? The thought of an early morning audit, the smell of fresh balance sheets, the very notion of Excel. I mean, there is no way that anyone would consider becoming an accountant just for the dolla dolla bills (would they?). But regardless, we field a lot of questions here at Roger about the starting salary of CPAs versus non CPAs, or what a new hire can expect to be earning in 5, 10, or 20 years. That is if they don't have a

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PS. As if you need another reason to become a CPA, often larger corporations (including the Big 4) will offer bonuses to new hires for sitting for and passing their CPA Exam. These bonuses can decrease over time, but we've heard they can reach up to $5,000. Add that on to your yearly salary and treat yourself to an extra little holiday shopping spree. Now you can buy those argyle socks we know you've been looking at.