Today, Monday June 10th, is the AICPA's last official score release day for Q2, however a bevy of CPA Candidates received their scores as early as Friday 6/7. Yahoo! There's nothing the staff at Roger CPA Review loves more than getting an early start to hearing about your success stories! One student in particular took the time to articulate a "final score manifesto" to pay forward some crucial advice that helped him achieve his goal. Take a moment to read this fantastic tale of Andrew Z.'s CPA Journey, posted in the Roger CPA Review Homework Help Center:

"I got the good news last night. I started this journey a year ago and remember reading a post from someone who had just finished. Hopefully this note encourages others to take on this challenge or to keep grinding if you haven't yet finished.

I graduated in 1999 and I didn't even major in accounting. I studied IT and went to work for Deloitte out of school. I did consulting but when SOX came around I started to do IT audit work as well. That's when I really became interested in accounting. I left there after 8 years and now work for a large international energy company (one you will hear Roger talk about in his lectures). They paid for my MBA and I took that opportunity to complete the needed courses to qualify and sit for the CPA Exam. I toyed with the idea of taking the exam for many years. I finally worked up the courage last year; here is the story...

My wife actually found Roger through a Google search. I didn't ask my company to pay because I didn't want to this to become a formal part of my performance plan. The price was right and I really liked the sample lectures I saw onYouTube. I set out to finish in a year by taking one each quarter with a two week break between each to recharge.

AUD - Started with this because I wanted a confidence builder. I know audit well from experience. The lectures were great and I did exactly what Roger said. EVERY problem 3x then bought the CRAM Course and did that for a week before the AUD Exam. I find the weeks ahead of the exam the most critical because you do tend to forget things you studied early. The CRAM is the perfect tool to help refresh your memory. I took the test and flew through the MC sections. It left me time to do the TBS. I even had time to use the research literature to find the answers to a few non-research questions I didn't know. I left feeling okay. I didn't know what to expect. I got a 99! I was energized and decided to take what I thought would be my toughest section, REG.

Same drill as AUD on studying. I left the exam very discouraged. I thought I failed. I started studying again right after the test in anticipation of a bad score. A moderator told me to hold out hope because I had adequately prepared. He/she was right. I got an 89!

BEC - We had an infant to contend with and I knew I wouldn't have as much prep time this quarter so I took BEC. I did the same thing but was only able to get through the questions 2x. I left the exam feeling really good. I passed with an 83.

FAR - I thought I would have lots of time to prep for FAR but a number of things came up at work and home so I fell behind. I was overwhelmed by the volume of material in FAR. I made it through about 60% of the material and realized I wasn't going to finish. I changed my exam date to the day after Memorial Day and decided to go into CRAM mode early. I switched over to the CRAM Course and started in on that about 3 weeks ahead of the test. I managed to get through all of the Wiley questions once and the questions listed in the CRAM book 2x. I also went back and redid the Wiley questions I missed. I studied 12 hours a day for the 2 weekends (including the long holiday weekend) leading up to the exam. It truly was a cram. I didn't feel nearly as prepared having not gone through the process Roger recommends. I knew it would be close and it was; 79! What a huge relief.

Before I sign off I first want to give a huge THANK YOU to Roger and team. I have wanted to do this for a long time and you helped check off a very big item on my career to-do list. I can't thank you enough.

So in summary...
- If you haven't started, start now. You can do it with this course.

- If you are still working, keep working! The feeling of finishing is worth it.

- The guidelines on study time are low. It takes much longer than the study guide says if you really do everything three times. I went to a very competitive university and went through MBA school; I've always been able to do well without killing myself. That's not the case with this exam. As Roger says, this isn't an intelligence test; it's a test of discipline. I don't know how much time I spent studying but I guarantee it was at least 2x what it says in the study planner.

- Do the Cram. It's very helpful. I always saw a few things on the test that I got right based on that refresher.

- Pay no attention to how you feel leaving the test. It's not a good indicator of how you performed.

- You will have moments when you feel this is impossible. I had several. Stick with it.

- Last but not least, trust the process that Roger has developed. It works.

Good luck to all."

We LOVE hearing about your success with the Roger CPA Review Course. If you have a story to share, leave it in the comments below. Happy studying!