Justin Anthony is our October 2017 Roger CPA Review Student of the Month! See how Justin passed the CPA Exam and what parts of the course he still carries with him to use on a practical daily basis. 

1. Which exam section(s) have you passed? 



2. What university / college did you attend? What did you get your degree in? 

University of Georgia, University of Arkansas - Fort Smith 


3. What firm do you currently work for? 

Beall Barclay & Company, PLC 


4. Why did you take Roger CPA Review?

I decided to use Roger CPA Review because they were able to bring to life the material that we as candidates have to study for such a grueling exam.  The mnemonics continue to help me in my public accounting work even after finishing the exams because they are so practical.


5. How did you hear about our review course?

I heard about the review course through an old coworker of mine.  He told me about the lectures and in the year that we worked together, he passed all four sections on his first try!


6. What is your favorite aspect of our course?

It's gotta be Roger's lecturing style. I've only seen a handful of people that can be so energetic when describing the differences in attestation engagements.

Roger's humor is also great - if you're groaning at a bad joke he made, then you'll definitely remember the material he made the joke about. It also feels like having a personal mentor rooting for you the whole time.


7. How has passing the exam affected your personal and professional life?

As most candidates will say, it is definitely a huge relief to have the exams out of the way.  The more I thought about it, the more I realized that this is also just the beginning of what I hope is a rewarding career.  The free time is nice too!


8. What’s your best piece of advice for other candidates studying?

Repetition was key for me.  After answering enough of the practice questions, I felt like I had a really good sense of what the questions were really asking on the exam.


9. Favorite quote?

"Humble on the outside, confident on the inside." -My Dad


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