One of the biggest challenges for students preparing for the CPA exam is staying awake during the 300-400 hours of AICPA recommended study time. Now, Roger CPA Review students dont have to.

In July 2012, Roger CPA Review will be releasing its new Dream Course format to the public. This new format employs the sleep science technology called Hypnopedia, a learning strategy used and tested by NASA.  

Using an art similar to hypnosis, the methodology behind Hypnopedia is simple: The individual becomes 100% relaxed, enters a fully receptive state of mind, while the hypnotherapist feeds suggestions to his or her mind. Since its inception, hypnopedia has been used globally to learn languages, break bad habits, and even lose weight.

Hypnopedia has been used for many things, said Roger Philipp, CEO of Roger CPA Review. Even though our regular course is specifically designed to keep students' attention and make the most of their study time, we decided to take it to the next level and introduce Hypnopedia to CPA Review. We try to be the most flexible course and now are excited to offer yet another way for students to learn.

The new course format will be available on CD or for download on most mobile devices. Students would be able to listen to the lectures while they sleep, and then review the CPA Exam software and homework books during the day.

It was important that we didnt overload students at night, said Philipp, that way they can keep up with the practice questions and study time during the day.

When released, The Dream Course can be completed in a 6-week schedule: 4 nights per week, and 5 hours per night, providing 120 hours of lecture.  Though intensive, it can be adjusted to fit any schedule, as students have 18 months to complete the entire CPA Exam.

Roger CPA Review is excited to offer this new course format to its students. 

Find more information on the Dream Course HERE!